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Afternoon Greg: Obama’s broken promises; Thomas Jane is “Hung,” and Lisa Rinna explains big lips

Keeping things fresh on the workplace front. Today’s Greg In Hollywood bureau is … Java Detour in West Hollywood!

It’s one of my top three fave coffeehouses to set up shop in for the day. If anyone has any others to recommend around town (with free Wi-Fi, of course), lemme know! I love Java Detour but not the creepy man who, as I am busy typing away, had the nerve to ask if I would mind if he signed on and checked his email! Oh no he did not! He ended up on the receiving end of a Hernandez dirty look perfected over decades of being a bitch when completely necessary!
Speaking of being a bitch, I gotta say it’s been a real bitch to watch President Barack Obama failing to keep any of his campaign promises in regards to LGBT rights. Yes, I know he has a lot on his plate and it’s just been over 100 days but I think it is important to shine a light on this as much as possible.

Last night, Anderson Cooper took a look at whether Obama is breaking promises to the gay community (see video above).

THOMAS JANE IS HUNG: I just had to share this trailer for hunky Thomas Jane’s upcoming HBO series Hung which premieres next month. This certainly sounds edgy in that only-on-cable sort of way: Thomas, best known for his roles in The Punisher and 61, plays a high school coach named Ray who pretty much hates his life. He decides to change things up by becoming a male prostitute. The reason for the show’s title? Well, Ray is apparently hung like a horse! HER LIPS: I know that Lisa Rinna was once an actress on Days of Our Lives and Melrose Place but for the past decade or so, she has crossed over to being a “personality.” And she seems to know exactly what we are thinking whenever we see her on one of those TV Guide red carpet shows: “How did her lips get so big?”

Well, Lisa is finally coming clean: the lips are fake! Gee, what a surprise. She said on The Today Show that she had silicone injections 23 years ago when she was trying to look like Barbara Hershey. But the silicone hardened so she says she got a “gross” cortisone injection and apparently that’s the extent of it.

“That’s the pink elephant in the room,” she said. “This is the first time I have told what I have done to my lips.”

Well, that wasn’t very interesting. But Lisa has gotta do something to promote her Playboy centerfold and her new self-help book Rinnavation. I dunno, I’m not sure I want any tips from someone who put silicone in their lips!



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  1. About Lisa Rinna’s lips (not that I know her from before): Once the best plastic surgeon in my country –or one of the best- told on TV that usually just one out of ten plastic surgeons know how to perform the lips surgery properly, because it’s extremely complex. And he had a point, because the lips he did were OK, you couldn’t notice anything wrong at all. Since then I just can’t but to agree with him, cause I’ve seen so many disastrous jobs done, that you have to conclude that it’s one of the most delicate parts to touch on someone’s face.

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