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Afternoon Greg: Jake Gyllenhaal’s “Prince of Persia” poster; Soap studs have Twitter bromance; Seeing an old friend

Disney - Prince of Persia Movie poster - Jake Gyllenhaal

Frankly, I find it a little frustrating that I have to wait until May 2010 to see Jake Gyllenhaal all buff and beautiful in Disney’s Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

Photos of the gorgeous actor have trickled out and now, the poster for the movie has been unveiled. I love the long hair on Jake, don’t you?

Jake has not released many movies since his Oscar-nominated performance in Brokeback Mountain in 2005 so it’s always interesting to see what he’s doing. I loved him in 2005′s Jarhead and in the exzcellent Zodiac released two years ago. He was also very good in 2007′s Rendition.

In addition to Persia, Jake has wrapped the drama Brothers and the comedy-romance Nailed is in post-production.

ONE LIFE TO TWEET: I just got the biggest kick out of  an AfterElton story about a Twitter bromance going on between my favorite new soap star Michael Muhney (Adam on The Young and the Restless) and Daniel Goddard who plays Cane on the show.

The bromantic Tweets flewg back and forth over the weekend and It’s so funny how Goddard weaves in references about Muhney’s on-screen affair with Rafe.

(Annoyingly, all of Adam and Rafe’s physical affection took place off-camera! (Puleeze, two men who have had sex do not hug each other goodbye the way you hug your grandma. The show chickened out!)

Anyway, that is no fault of the actors I reckon and Muhney is just a fabulous addition to the show. I cannot keep my hands eyes off of him!

These guys sure seem like a lot of fun! Go to to see a hilarious Brokeback Mountain poster parody featuring these two very attractive and funny men.

REMEMBERING OUR SALAD DAYS: I had the most wonderful breakfast this morning at Le Pain Quotidien in West Hollywood with my great friend Henry Chu who is in town for a whirlwind visit before heading back to London where he is the bureau chief for the Los Angeles Times.

Henry and Greg

I have not seen Henry since I visited him in Brazil for 10 days (during Carnaval!) around four years ago when he was running the Times bureau there.

But we are in regular email contact and manage some overseas calls here and there so there really wasn’t any need to catch up and we could just goof off.

There is something about us being together that just brings out the funny. Just ordering our breakfast was a crack up because we both were peppering our cute waiter with questions – at the same time! He finally stepped back, laughed, and said, “Whoa! One at a time.”

Henry Chu!

Speaking of pepper, Henry eats more pepper than anyone I know! So I took a photo of him putting a boatload on his eggs! I remember way back in the mid-90s, we were eating at the old Hamburger Hamlet in Brentwood and Henry watched as the waiter started grinding the pepper onto his salad and finally said: “Can you just leave the pepper grinder at the table?”

I sure miss all the fun we used to have when he was living in LA because time spent with Henry is always so interesting and fun. But a decade ago, he landed a plum gig as The Times’ Beijing bureau chief and left his life here behind. He spent several years in China before landing the Brazil post. After two short years, he was assigned to New Delhi where he did some great stories – most memorably one about eunichs!

And now, London.

Still, despite all of that international adventure, when we get together, it’s gabbing about tennis, doing lines from I Love Lucy episodes and remembering all the silly things. Henry brought up the time when were in a Pasadena bookstore and I picked up a book called Salad Days and told Henry I thought Salad Days meant when you were just starting out and all you could afford to eat was salad!

He has never let me forget that!

After I dropped Henry off at the Hollywood & Highland subway station to take to The Times downtown, I picked up the paper and noticed he had written today’s Column One! Of course, he didn’t mention it. Here is a LINK to today’s piece on Venice’s first female gondolier.


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  1. Well, Daniel G. hasn’t been named as “morning man” yet, but hopefully that’s coming. At least, he did get a mention from you. I was really amazed that Goddard’s and Muhney’s twitter correspondence was picked up on. Who would have thought it? They are both fabulous additions to the show and I can’t keep my eyes off both of them.

  2. Not too bad, i can say. However, i would have liked the movie even more if there wasn’t too much of congestion.

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