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Afternoon Greg: Halle Berry’s man; Letterman’s Sarah Palin top 10; Erik McCormack as a sugar daddy?

Good afternoon!

I’m here at Java Detour in West Hollywood enjoying a glass of ginger peach iced tea that is just about the size of my head! I’m well hydrated thankyouverymuch.

I’m not sure if I’m kinda cranky or if people are especially annoying today.

Earlier, there was a male-female duo in here who plopped down at the next table and proceded to have the most inane conversation on record. I usually can block that out but something about their voices made them unable to blend in with the din. They were sucking the life outa me!

They finally left and all was well until a guy with tattoos on his neck sits at the bar and reveals more than just a plumber’s crack – it’s more like  a plumber’s canyon and on display for all the world to see. What do you say in this situation? “Excuse me, can you pull your pants up – your butt cleavage is making me sick!”

But let’s be honest: if the guy with the plumber’s crack looked like Gabriel Aubry (pictured above) would I be such a little bitch about it? No. I’d just be sitting here taking pictures!  I saw this photo of the gorgeous model on the beach where he was with his love Halle Berry and their child and had to share.

Gorgeous man, gorgeous family. More shots over at Socialite’s Life.

PALIN BUTT OF JOKES: I read the entire Vanity Fair article on Sarah Palin last night and it pretty much confirmed what a disaster she was as a vice presidential candidate. Not just her slim resume but also her own headstrong personality. Scary. When I was doing my former blog Out In Hollywood for the LA Daily News, I wrote a post that Palin was “in over her head” after watching her interview with Katie Couric. An editor took exception saying I had crossed a line by expressing my opinion on a non-gay issue. I had to laugh. That’s an opinion? It’s fact. The VF article pretty much confirms that!

Still, it is astonishing to see polls indicating there is still strong support for a Palin presidential run. Based on what?

Anyway, at least David Letterman feels free to make fun of Palin again just a short time after she took issue with a joke he made about one of her daughters.  He later issued a public apology.

But following her announcement that she is resigning as Alaska’s governor at the end of the month, Letterman revealed a Top 10 list of “messages left on Sarah Palin’s answering machine.

Some of them: ” Number 10: “Hi, it’s George W. Bush, why didn’t anyone tell me resigning was an option.” Number six: “It’s Letterman, are we still cool?” And the number-one message on Sarah Palin’s answering machine: “Hey it’s McCain, who would have thought you’d retire before I did.”

Check it out: WOULD GRACE SAY? It seems that one of the real plum gigs on TV is a guest spot on Law & Order SVU. And why not? Leslie Caron won an Emmy two years ago for her role and last year, Cynthia Nixon won one.

This season has more high-profile guest stars in store: Eric McCormack, who already has an Emmy for Will & Grace, will be in the fall season’s second episode as, get this,  a handsome (and straight) sugar daddy, according to EW’s Michael Ausiello. It’s also been confirmed that former Prison Break star Wentworth Miller will guest star in the season premiere as a cop.


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