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Afternoon Greg: Funeral for T.R. Knight’s character on Grey’s Anatomy; Boy George humbled; one last Palin item

It’s so hot out that I’m not my usual chatty self (yeah, right). So I’m gonna post these items in a very straightforward way then get the heck over to the Park LaBrea pool for a dip.

BYE, GEORGE: PopEater has posted photos of Grey’s Anatomy cast member Ellen Pompeo, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers and Patrick Dempsey filming what appear to be funeral scenes for George O’Malley, played for five seasons by T.R. Knight. George was killed off in the season finale because T.R. wanted off of the show.

Knight will not appear in the episode and Shonda Rhimes, recently revealed she had wanted Knight to return for one last bow, in an effort to show the moments we didn’t see in the finale. But R.R. had already moved on and nixed the idea., GEORGE: When someone keeps screwing their lives up with drugs etc. and they are well into their 40s, it would be understandable if their friends started avoiding them! But Boy George says that when he was in prison for attacking a male escort, he got unexpected support from Elton John who wrote him a letter while he was behind bars.
“Elton offered me love and support from both himself and David [Furnish]. He also sent me a lovely music player,” the Daily Express quoted George as saying.

Stephen Fry, Matt Lucas, Antony Hegarty and Holly Johnson wrote to me too. The only time I got emotional in prison was when I got letters from friends. People that beforehand I wouldn’t have thought I could rely on. It was really humbling.”

Stewart PalinBYE, PALIN: Just when I thought my Sarah Palin-related items were done for the day with the William Shatner poetry reading, I go and watch Jon Stewart’s piece on the wacky former Alaska guv.
Said Stewart last night: “When you have 15 months to go in your first term in office I don’t think that’s lame duck status. I think that’s just…you’re bored.”
He also lambasted Palin for invoking the death of American troops to silence her critics in the media. “Why do I think that Palin’s concern for media accuracy is in reference to the Sarah Palin $150,000 wardrobe story and not the Iraq WMD story? Cause only one of those stories really has bearing on American troops.”
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