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Afternoon Greg: Blogging from LA’s Farmers Market about what I’ve seen at Outfest 2009

My pal Lorna is in town doing some LA things with her two boys and a houseguest from England so I walked over to meet them for lunch at Farmer’s Market at Third and Fairfax. I’ve lived across from the market for nearly nine years and never get tired of coming over her for a meal or just to have a a drink and watch people.

The two old guys sitting next to me right now are a hoot! “Now Shelly Winters, she had a big ass!”

Only at Farmers Market.

The place is celebrating its 75th anniversary thius week so that is really wonderful. A lot of us locals were very concerned when The Grove was being built next door that it might ruin the market but the two just coincide beautifully. In fact, it’s so nice to have dinner at the market before or after a movie at The Grove.

My favorite places to eat are The Gumbo Pot, Loteria, and a Brazillian BBQ place that I forget the name of but you can’t mis it because it always has the longest line. It’s also nice to grab donuts and coffee at Bob’s Donuts and, of course, there’s nothing like the pancakes at Du-pars. They are like crack cocaine in terms of being instantly addicted.

OUTFEST UPDATE: Sorry if my blogging has been sort of erratic in terms of posting times. I am all discombobulated due to Outfest 2009. In my mind, I feel very ambitious about blogging about every movie and panel but the reality is, it’s very difficult to do when you are busy watching 3-4 movies a day as I did over the weekend. So, I’m doing the best that I can!


Last night’s shorts program, Bitches, Buttholes and BFFs played to a packed crowd at the DGA and was an absolute smash. There were 13 shorts and not a stinker in the bunch! I had a few favorites starting with the wonderful Transproofed starring Calpernia Addams and Andrea James who also co0-wrote and Andrea directed. Wonderful, just wonderful.

Then the final short, Lushes, was written by Ash Christian who did Fat Girls a few years back. He is such a talent and I’d like toi see this film about two BFFs scarping by doing a drag show in the Valley made into a full-length feature!

There were also two hilarious shorts under the “Stop It!” title where the character are addicted to Broadway shows and wearing the same outfit she wore on MTV’s The Grind 13 years earlier. The doctor trying to help them in an intervention is channeling Dr. Phil.

The program will screen again on Wednesday, July 15 at 7:15 p.m. at Fairfax 1. Try and get in if you can – I’m sure it’s a really hot ticket.

Awakening  (En Forelskelse)
Kicked off Sunday with another program of shorts under the banner: The Bro Job. They ranged from the hysterically funny Clearing the Air about a gay guy who is hot for his straight friend at the office t0 the deeply moving and superbly done Danish film Awakening (En Forelskelse) about a young guy who unexpectedly falls in love with his girlfriend’s father! This take him through a sexual awakening that will cause a seismic shift in his approach to both life and love.
You can still catch The Bro Job shorts when they screen again on Wednesday, July 15 at DGA 2.
Before the screening of An Englishman in New York Saturday afternoon, there was a terrific short film (18 minutes) that was the perfect copanion piece called Sidney Turtlebaum directed by Tristram Shapeero.
This is a bitter sweet comedy that tells the story of Sidney (a wonderful Derek Jocobi), an eccentric gay Jewish man in his seventies. To punish the world Sidney earns his living as a pickpocket and a conman – his chosen modus operandi is to gatecrash Shiva houses of mourning to steal from the gathered crowd. He befriends a young hustler named Gabriel (the very handsome Rupert Evans) who he’s surprised to learn is appalled at his behavior.
I chatted with Shapeero after the screening and he said the plan is to begin shooting a feature-length version of the film next year. I. Can’t. Wait!
And finally, there was the Saturday morning Boys Shorts program. This used to be one of the only offerings of shorts films but each year, there are more and more good ones made and being screened so Boys Shorts is more of a kick-off than the main event.
I was really moved by James directed by Connor Clements who flew in from Ireland for the festival and happened to be sitting a few seats away from me at the DGA.  It’s about a 15-year-old boy who realizes he is gay. Unable to tell his battling parents, he decides to confide in a male teacher. The lead actor, Niall Wright , is astonishingly good.
The good thing ius, Outfest organizers have added a third screening of the Boys Shorts for Saturday, July 18 at 12:15 p.m. at DGA so you can still see James and the other movies in this group including the 25-minute musical Boycrazy, the very entertaining Wig and the laugh out loud funny Steeling Magnolias.
I also saw the wonderful feature American Primitive on Saturday night which gave Tate Donovan one of his best roles ever. You can still catch that as a second screening has been added for Saturday, July 18 at 5 p.m. at Fairfax 1.


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  1. I loved both Calpernia and Andrea in Transamerican Love Story. I’m thrilled they are a new film out there.


  2. July 13th, 2009 at 11:05 pm
    Mark Kellam says:

    Thanks for all the Outfest coverage, Greg! I appreciate all your hard work and I’m sure others do, too!

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