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Adam Lambert takes to Twitter to clear up rumors: “I was never asked to appear on the finale in any capacity”

There was no Adam Lambert on last night’s bloated American Idol finale.
Guess it was more important to have The Bee Gees, Alice Cooper, Joe Crocker etc (and to let Janet Jackson sing TWO numbers) than to give the stage to one of the biggest stars the show has ever produced and one of the strongest mentors all season.
Adam knows there are all kinds of stories out there so he took to Twitter to clear them up. Here it is, straight from the horse’s mouth:
1. HAHA. I have now just been made aware of more gossip and rumormill: First of all, i was never asked to appear on the finale in any capacity.

2. All i ever heard was:”you’ve not been asked to perform on finale.Would you like to sit in the audience?” Me:sorry-Too much work to do today.

3. Sick of certain journalists and jealous people in the industry trying to stir up bullshit drama. Must not be getting laid. GET A LIFE! HAHA

4. sad that Im forced to defend myself bout situation no one pointing fingers knew any factual details about. Im working so hard on this tour!!

5. Would have loved 2 have been at the Idol Finale to wish Simon farewell and support the finalists, but this tour for my fans is my priority.

6. 2nd: I DID come down w a throat bug most likely caught on my flight back from this past weekends’ concert in Boston.

7. was put on vocal rest yesterday from MY show’s rehearsals which doubled the work 2 do 2day since all equip. had 2 be sent back east tonight.

8. …music programmer, band and dancers and created all day. I’m so excited to get to work w such an amazing team to bring my vision to life!

’9. Im blessed 2 be so busy & thrilled to take my nearly SOLD OUT tour on the road promoting love, diversity, peace, bravery & pride.Oh n’ GLAM

10. :) and thanks for your words of support true fans! :) Dont worry, i just had to get it off my chest (publically) Im totally over it now. :)

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9 Remarks

  1. So sad that the dude from PopEater basically made up a bullshit story, and a ton of sites simply republished it without question. No better than tabloid sleaze.

    Thanks Greg for reporting on the facts!

  2. yeah kinda agree, that is some sad sh@t and whats ironic is their are more articles about why he did not show up than about the actual show.

  3. James H. — The last part of your comment(the fact that more news media reported on this than on the actual AI finale show)PROVES without a doubt that Adam Lambert is a real superstar!

  4. Greg, appreciate a journalist that actually does some research about what is going on. Thank you for posting this article. It is funny how the “water cooler” talk today is more about Adam (or at least as much) than the actual AI finale. Especially agree with this part “…then to give the stage to one of the biggest stars the show has ever produced and one of the strongest mentors all season.”

    Caroline, yes I agree this does show Adam Lambert is a real superstar in the making. And since it is all about Adam for me, I will take the irony James H. points out:-)

  5. Hmmm ,The absence of Adam in the final of Idol was more important than all the other idols who attended

  6. May 27th, 2010 at 1:40 pm
    Marilyn from Canada says:

    Thanks for your article. I love that Adam always addresses things head on. I will never read anything by PopEater again. What they did was dispicable. Adam is very busy with his tour, which is selling out very quickly, on average of ten minutes per venue. I just hope he comes to W. Canada with the GlamNation tour.

  7. I applaud Adam Lambert for knowing how to set appropriate priorities and placing his fans at the top of his list. Adam tweeted a week ago that he wouldn’t be performing on the AI finale and I was pleased he didn’t have that commitment so that all of his creative energy could be focused on his upcoming GLAM Nation Concert Tour. Since the tour was announced I planned to attend Adam’s opening night concert, no matter were the venue was located, hence I have a whir-wind trip planned from CA to PA. So for me a first night GNTour concert cancellation and re-scheduling would have been a disappointment had the Star Performer been under the weather.

  8. May 27th, 2010 at 2:55 pm
    Charlotte says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture. Adam can be really blunt when he has to be, it’s great. We always know he will Twitter when there is something that needs to be cleared up, whether rumors or unacceptable fan behavior. Adam is, indeed, HBIC.

  9. May 27th, 2010 at 5:29 pm
    Linda G-Denver says:

    Thanks for getting the facts straight for everyone who maybe didn’t see Adam’s Twitters. PopEater has no credibility for me. As far as American Idol inviting Adam to only sit in the frigging audience? That snub of the best performing music artist AI has ever had on any of their shows just irritates me so much! How they came to the decision not to include Adam Lambert in the finale I will never understand. AI can kiss my big toe! I won’t be watching future shows. I can’t wait for Adam’s Glam Nation concert in Denver in July! He’s by far the best music artist I have seen for many, many years!

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