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Adam Lambert share surprise kiss/lick with his cute bass player; talks to “ET” about his first solo tour

I cannot possibly keep up with all that is going on in Adam Lambert’s exciting universe right now but I try!

On the Adam Lambert Fan Page on Facebook, there is this new photo of Adam last night at the Nokia Theatre in New York City’s Times Square sharing what one fan describes as a “kiss-lick” with his cute bass player Tommy Joe Ratliff!

This occurred during a major stop on the Glam Nation Tour which is Adam’s first solo tour.

Adam talks to Entertainment Tonight about the tour and says his butterflies are long gone: “When I was putting together the show there was a little bit of pressure and I was a little nervous about it. … The nerves are all gone — and now it’s more excitement. Now it’s like, I can’t wait to show this to everybody. I can’t wait to share this with my fans.”

Adam, who appears on ET today, promises his fans a dazzling show with plenty of songs from his album For Your Entertainment and lots of dazzling visuals.

“There are nods in there to Boy George, there are nods to Michael Jackson maybe, to ‘The Matrix’… There’s a little something for everybody and it’s all kind of put together in this big melting pot.”

Watch the video for Adam’s thoughts on the upcoming one-year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, and for more behind-the-scenes excitement from his concert.

Adam’s Glam Nation Tour across the U.S. wraps up September 21 in Washington. In the meantime, you can help the star support education through the “Glam a Classroom” campaign.



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9 Remarks

  1. I love them!

    Very green pic tho lol, here’s a better one:

  2. Oh boy – can make this sort of interaction part of their contracts? Part of the raider – like you get your mineral water and vodka, as long as we get to see the kiss, lick, lust of whatever it is? Pretty please?? Then how are our boyfriends supposed to measure to the epicness displayed above, eh? Sorry but straight men just suck when it comes to lovey-dovey, playful interaction. That’s why straight women are having heart attacks and strokes and adagazms at the sight of Adommy or Lambliff (hope I spelled it right). To straight men – take a note. Seriously. To gay men – I envy you. Honestly, I do. To Tommy…. I wish I were the lipstick on your lips :-) And to Adam – I wish I were Tommy’s tongue, LOL :)

    Thanks Greg, for the genuinely nice write-up. You really need to catch of the GlamNation dates in California. You’d be delighted.

  3. He sure does make your head spin! Here is a clip of the “kiss-lick” from youtube:

  4. Dayum. That is seriously hot. And kind of adorable.

  5. SOOOO SEXY!! Adam is yummy!

  6. I hope there’s another kiss/lick tonight at Foxwoods! I can’t wait to see him.

  7. This is seriously delicious. Adam is hotter than hot to EVERYONE!

  8. I think Adam Lambert is so awesome and talented. I can get by all the crazy stuff he does, like kissing another guy etc because its his voice I want to hear. Oh I must tell you I am 70 yrs old. Now Madonna, I could not handle, like a virgin ( I do not think so) Oh yeah, leave Miley alone, she is growing up, all you moms out there get yourselves another role model for your kid and let her grow up.

  9. I still like Adam and obviously his singing is gorgeous. But I agree with those who say he’s looking more and more like and old lady. The hair cut made it worse. He is over stuffing himself with all kind of glitters. He needs more simplicity. Christmas tree is not necessary. He’s a goodlooking guy, he doesn’t need that much to shine.

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