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Adam Lambert, GLAAD and others blasted by “ballistic” publisher of South Florida Gay News

Gee, I’m sure glad I don’t work for this guy!

The publisher of South Florida Gay News says he went ‘ballistic’ when he found out his staff had featured an interview with Adam Lambert on the cover of the newspaper while he was on leave.

The story, which broke the news that Lambert and his boyfriend had broken up, went viral and caused the paper’s website to repeatedly crash due to the surge in traffic.

‘Seeing him on the cover of our newspaper a few weeks ago made my partner and me puke,’ writes publisher Norm Kent in a new column. ‘Other than feature new makeup every day, what has this kid done to warrant a cover story?’

He adds: ‘Four years of publishing the Express Gay News, and four years into South Florida Gay News, and the story that takes down our website is Adam Lambert’s breakup with his boyfriend? This is unreal. How shallow have we become?’

The publisher also takes aim at GLAAD for deciding to present Lambert with the Davidson/Valentini Award at its San Francisco ceremony on 11 May. The award is given to an openly LGBT media professional who has made a significant difference in promoting equality for the LGBT community.

Writes Kent: ‘Give me a break. This award is presented to whoever can fill the seats and make money for GLAAD at its annual fundraising dinner. … GLAAD is sucking off that publicity and fame to line their own pockets, instead of choosing someone worthy of that award. GLAAD needs to get its priorities straight. Stop awarding celebrities and acknowledge the unheralded champions of justice that fight the good fight for LGBT justice everyday. There are many out there.’

Okay, so Kent has said his piece and is entitled to his opinion. But this is all a bit over the top, don’t you think? You wonder if he may have alienated more than a few people – especially Adam Lambert fans!

The Glamberts will make themselves heard on this one!

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8 Remarks

  1. I love it! Norm is a curmudgeon sure, but a correct one.

  2. Sounds to me like someone has a little green monster on their back. Adam is so deserving of this award. His message has always been one of love and self acceptance. He has not only helped Homosexuals accept and be proud of who they are, he has done the same for countless young straight folks deal with whatever differences they have. Mr. publisher, shallowness had nothing to do with taking down your website. (Although I must say you are wearing your shallowness on your sleeve by making the statements you did about Adam) What took down you website was a little thing called the Glamberts…the people throughout the world who appreciate and love Adam for the changes he encouraged in their lives . And your claim to fame is????

  3. agree with you completely, Fenrox. What a splendid way of putting it!

  4. So Adam Lambert head lines the Pride celebrations down there, get teh key to the city, gives that tiny rag a really nice interview and the publisher wants to PUKE that Adam was on the cover, yeah horrifying.

    If you want to discuss the merits of getting a Glaad award he should start with Anderson Cooper who also got an award even tho he only FINALLY even admitted to being gay, whats HIS contribution to the fight NORMAN?

    Sadly all this dude did was reinforce the bitchy queen stereotype, well Norman can sit and “publish” his paper while Adam is in china accepting the Best International Artist Music Award, stay pressed Norman……

  5. He sounds a Little Old School.

  6. How juvenile. Adam Lambert deserves any award he gets. For one, he was the first openly gay person to ever achieve a #1 album on Billboard in 2012. That alone is quite an achievement.

  7. The truth hurts! It’s about time people stopped being PC! Go Norm!

  8. The GLAAD folks are the ultimate celebrity chasers of the gay world. An utterly irrelevant group that sucks money away from worthwhile causes like GLSEn and delights in partying with shallow celebs

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