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A suddenly insane Luke Snyder goes from two men to none in a single episode of “As the World Turns.” episode begins with Luke and Reid still making out.

It goes downhill from there!

Noah, with his eyesight back, has seen them kissing. Luke, thinking Noah just saw shapes and colors, suggests they all go out for a drink. Noah decides not to tell them his sight has returned “until the time is right.”

While Noah is getting the drinks, Luke tells Reid: “Honestly, yeah. I do have feelings for you, I can’t deny that anymore. But I’m in love with Noah.”
Reid: “Then it seems to me you have a decision to make, don’t you?”

Reid leaves and an alien overtakes Luke’s body. He sits with Noah, takes his hand and says: “I want you back. … I miss you! I want things to go back to the way they were before everything got so crazy.”


Then Noah busts Luke (or the alien Luke): “I know what’s going on! I saw you kiss Dr. Oliver.”
Luke: “You can see? … Why didn’t you tell me?”
Noah: “I didn’t want to interrupt you and Dr. Oliver. … What I saw looked pretty intense.”

Incredulously, Luke says there is “nothing going on” between he and Reid and that he doesn’t love Reid, he loves Noah.

But he admits that he is attracted to Reid but that they have not slept together. He says he knows he and Noah can get back what they had.

I like what Noah says here: “You really think so? Because I don’t. Look, I’m not going to be your safe choice, your fallback guy. You feel guilty? Good. You should. We’re finished Luke. We’re done.”

Luke then goes to Reid’s for comfort and tells him that he tried to get back together with Noah but that he was rejected. Reid, having the emotional intelligence that Luke suddenly seems to have none of, tells him to go lick his wounds somewhere else.”

“Get out.”

He then shows Luke the door.

I hated this episode because all of a sudden, Noah is the one with all the common sense after being an absolute twit while Luke is beginning to show signs of multiple personality!

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3 Remarks

  1. The writers have been killing this storyline for over a year – first Ameera, now this horseshit with Reid. It’s ridiculous.

  2. Oh, this episode was AWFUL. Where did rooftop!Luke go? Why did the writers replace him with doormat!Luke? After Friday’s epic episode, this 180-degree switcheroo was a serious slap in the face.

    Right now, I can’t see either Noah or Reid wanting anything to do with Luke. Personally, I want him to be with Reid in the end, but only if he does some serious growing up first. Gah.

  3. luke and reid made for each other;luke and reid belong together;luke and reid meant to be together;luke and reid are meant to be;luke brought the best in reid and luke make reid smile they just need each other they just need to be together already;don’t fight your feelings get them out and tell each other how you fell

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