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A fun day at the West Hollywood Book Fair with Alison Arngrim, Paul Provenza, Heather McDonald and Don Dion!

AUTHOR! AUTHOR! It was such a pleasure to be a part of the 9th annual West Hollywood Book on Sunday moderating the panel “Let Me Entertain You: Memories, Histories and Stories On and Off the Stage.”

Just about every seat (about 100 in all) was filled for our session which began just before noon in scorching heat!

Speaking of heat, my panel was red hot! There to share thoughts and anecdotes from their books were a top-notch crew of folks and I can heartily recommend each of their books: Alison Arngrim (Confessions of a Prairie Bitch), Paul Provenza (writer) and Dan Dion (photos) who collaborated on Satiristas! and Heather McDonald (You’ll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again).

Since there were three books and four panelists and only one hour, I made sure to give each their due but what I loved so much was Paul jumping in various times to weigh in on Heather or Alison’s book and Alison and Heather also piping up during Paul and Dan’s presentation.

Alison and I, who have met many times before, gabbed in the green room beforehand about her Little House on the Prairie co-star Melissa Sue Anderson and I warned her that I was going to want some dish! And dish she did! Let’s just say that Nellie Oleson and Mary Ingalls are not BFFs, not then, not now!

Getting to know Heather a little was great because I had just finished her book the night before and it was so fresh in my mind. I felt like we were BFFs and found myself saying things like: “I can’t believe you dated that guy Ben!” and “I thought you were going to lose your virginity to the guy who was a hand model!”

You don’t usually talk to someone you just met this way but Heather was so funny and honest in her memoir about being a virgin in LA until she was 27. You gotta read it!

And finally Paul and Dan. Paul is completely brilliant and when you read his book of conversations with 60 comics including the late George Carlin, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, Jay Leno, Lily Tomlin and Conan O’Brien, you know it would not be the masterpiece that it is if he were not such an insightful interviewer.

Dan’s photos in Satiristas! are superb and his passion for what he does is so apparent. We were afraid he might miss the panel because he was running late but he made it onto the stage sometime during Alison’s portion of the proceedings.

My thanks to the authors, to the organizers of the festival who do a first-rate job, to the attentive audience (including the guy who told Alison he read part of her book while sitting on the can! She ran with it!) and thanks to my friends Ted, Mark and Art for making it to the panel even if Ted had to also catch part of Christopher Rice’s panel going on at the same time!



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  1. Psst, you sat next to the lady, her name’s Alison Arngrim, with an “n” in there!


  2. Thanks! I hope Alison hadn’t seen it yet!

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