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A candid Joy Behar on Rosie O’Donnell’s days on “The View” and on her new solo gig

Joy Behar is going to be juggling two daily jobs this fall: her longtime gig as one of the co-hosts of ABC’s The View and now as host of The Joy Behar Show on HLN (formerly CNN Headline News).
How awesome is that? An intelligent, informed and funny woman hosting a nightly show! Anyone who has seen Joy guest host on Larry King Live knows that she’s womderful on her own and not having to contend with all the noise on The View which can get rather annoying I must admit.
And it was never louder than when Rosie O’Donnell was aboard.
“It was very volatile,” Joy recalled this week at the Television Critics Association Press Tour in Pasadena. “Rosie came in and ruffled feathers and threw herself around. We got good numbers. It seemed to be amiable at the end of the day. Sometimes, I thought I could live without it. Sometimes, I got into it. That is the nature of ‘The View.’ Every day is a new story: Who is having a breakdown? Who is having a good time? Who is having a baby? It is a reality show of the highest nature.”
On her solo show, Joy will examine provocative watercooler issues that Americans are talking about every day, with topics ranging from pop culture to politics and everything in between. She’ll have a wide array of guests – one of whom she hopes will be the wacky former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin!
“She might get a real conversation from another woman out of me,” she told critics. “I’m not out to get her, I’m not trying to trap her. I would want to ask, ‘When Katie Couric asked you what do you read, why couldn’t you come up with an answer?’ The woman said the Moose Gazzette.” (I would ask) ‘Why do you think the press is against you in so many ways? What are you doing? Why are you really leaving Alaska?’”


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2 Remarks

  1. Joy should get on her knees and thank Rosie for getting The View Noticed and thereby getting Joy noticed -until Rosie came along no one gave a crap or thought any of those women had anything to say . Even Rosie said at the time she never understood why the producers said they didn’t want to give Joy any thing to do because she was ‘old’ and couldn’t handle it ” Rosie woke everyone up and lucky for Joy shes now reaping the benefits ,Its just TOOO bad ‘The View’ is now crap without Rosie. Whoopie takes forever to say nothing , Sherris’ a buffoon that doesn’t even realize shes’ stupid ,Elisabeths a B***ch but pregnant so can’t get fired & now Joys just seems OLD -same jokes OVER & OVER when Rosie was on they shared some Comedy experiences so Joy ‘seemed ‘like her contemparary now shes’ just OLD!

  2. EE is right. I stopped watching the View years ago when it turned into utter nonsense. When I found out Rosie was on I returned. She was so great and so fair.

    I completely understand her feelings about Elisabeth. While claiming to be Rosie’s friend Elisabeth went on Fox and when someone called Rosie a miiltary hater, Elisabeth just sat there and smiled.

    That is why Rosie was so betrayed and told her just to have it her way and left the show early. She had already resigned because she only wanted to be on there another year, but was asked to sign for more. She was supposed to come back off and on, but that was all she wrote.

    I don’t blame her a bit.

    As for Whoopie and Joy being liberals — they seem woefully uninformed. For instance I understand Joy said she would not have Rosie on her new show, but Ann Coulter is her favorite guest.

    She’s gonna use you Joy.

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