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A blissful Meredith Baxter and her partner Nancy Locke are featured in the new issue of People Magazine

While the news out of New York regarding the state senate’s marriage vote is infuriating, the public coming out of Meredith Baxter is the feel-good news story of the day.

I just love it!

For some reason, it feels like someone you feel like you know really well coming out. I did meet Miss Baxter and her daughter at a Television Academy salute to TV moms last year and she was utterly cool. I had no idea she was also utterly lesbian!

Anyway, Boy Culture has scanned some of the pics of Meredith and her partner Nancy Locke that accompanies an article entitled: “I’m a Lesbian Mom.”

She appears in the bottom corner of the cover and no doubt would have been the cover story had Tiger Woods not decided to make this the week to shatter his wholesome image.

In the article, Meredith has some thoughtful comments about being an out actress and how that might impact her getting roles: “You don’t know what kind of information is going to go into the decision to cast or not cast you. It’s hard enough to get a job. Why make it harder?”

But she is looking to make a difference off-screen too: “I looked at the research that’s been done when people know someone who is gay or lesbian; they tend to have a more supportive, positive attitude toward gay issues. So, what I want to say [to people] is, ‘You know me. And anything that you vote on that is going against gay rights, that affects me too, in case you want to think about that.”

Yes, this is THREE items in one day on Meredith Baxter. I just think her coming out is huge and that she can be a very public and very articulate voice in the LGBT equal rights movement.

Here is video of Meredith’s appearance on The Today Show this morning:



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