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“24″ star Cherry Jones tells Greg In Hollywood she and Sarah Paulson “are very close”’s been a very interesting afternoon here in Pasadena at the Television Critics Association Press Tour which continues through next weekend.

Between sessions, I was surfing the net and saw an item on about Sarah Paulson who did a video interview with her sister Rachel Paulson. She discussed her relationship with two-time Tony winner Cherry Jones who won the Emmy last fall for her role as President Allison Taylor on 24.

Jones confirmed several months ago that the two had split up. Paulson says in this interview that they continue to be friends and their relationship is an “ongoing situation.”


So following a panel with the entire cast of 24 this afternoon, I made my way over to Miss Jones and was one of a handful of reporters chatting with her about various topics. I’ll share that later this week.

But after everyone cleared away, I became what felt like a reporter for In Touch magazine or something. I quietly relayed to her what Miss Paulson had said and wondered if she had any comment. Cherry did not skip a beat. She laughed and said: “I will say we are very close.”

She laughed again and said: “I think that’s the best way to do it at this point. We are very close.”

I remarked that I have loved Sarah since I saw her steal Down With Love from Renee Zellweger and Cherry said: “Wasn’t she fabulous in that? She was just 25 or 26 and she played that Eve Arden part. You’re going to keep seeing her a lot, she’s got a few things coming up.”

Their romance became very public when Jones won the Tony for Doubt and before taking the stage, gave Paulson a big kiss on the lips.

“I had never, prior to Cherry, been in a proper, serious relationship … drunken make-outs with chicks don’t count,” Paulson said in the video interview. “Cherry was the first person. I was just so dizzyingly, insanely, madly in love with her that the consequences, if there were to be some, weren’t a part of the fabric of my thoughts.”

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  1. January 11th, 2010 at 5:15 pm
    Cinnamon Carter says:

    Well, why don’t you call Cherry Jones back and ask her how she felt about Amanda Peet’s comments about her ‘passionate, long-term’ and very intense ‘friendship’ with the very same Sarah Paulson in the December 2009 issue of SELF magazine.

    The Cherry-Sarah relationship is good for publicity. If either one of them gets more out of it than that, then that is a good thing, as a side benefit. However, judging by the more than 10 years’ worth of pics of Sarah and Amanda …..they are the true ‘item.’

    Regarding the ‘Rachel Paulson’ interview with Sarah….Rachel forgot to ask about the Amanda Peet angle. When you’re interviewing a professional actor, be it Sarah Paulson, Amanda Paulson, or Barack Obama, how do you know what to believe, anyway?

  2. Another thing: Sarah Paulson said she had never been in a serious relationship before she fell insanely in love with Cherry Jones. However, she was engaged to the (male) writer/actor Tracy Letts before she met Cherry Jones. Had Sarah forgotten all about Tracy (author of “August: Osage County”)? Hate to ask anymore questions, but was it just a ‘beard’ relationship for Tracy Letts, and that is why it slipped her mind?

    Or, members of the Jury, — was this interview just a silly Baloney Sandwich offering that she cooked up with the interviewer (her sister, Rachel.)??

  3. In reference to RollinHandd, dude, she was taking about women. As in she’d never been in a serious **gay** relationship before. And what’s with the crazy dramatic/paranoid tone? Calm down. Seriously.

  4. K:
    It seems to me that I did see the 11 minute interview that Sarah and her sister Rachel concocted. (They have at least one other sister, ‘Liz,’ who is a casting director.) Sarah claimed Cherry was her first ‘relationship.’

    Viewers were definitely left with the impression that it was Cherry Jones’ own special Mojo that so intoxicated Sarah……..and no one else ever –and I mean ever……had such an effect on SP.
    So that’s why I called them out for B S —Baloney Sandwich.

    – Take a look at a few of the (thousands) of pics of Sarah and Amanda Peet and see if you can believe a word of that interview.

    And not only did ‘Rachel’ forget to ask any questions about Amanda Peet, she also forgot to mention that Sarah was engaged once…to a male.

  5. Take a look at the video of the Tony’s where Cherry and Sarah kiss. Completely in love.

  6. Yep. I’ve seen that video a few times. Look at the Velvet Park interview with Sarah and Cherry. Sarah looks mighty uncomfortable.

    Look at any one of the many ‘arrival pics’ of Sarah Paulson and Amanda (‘T-Rex’)Peet at any number of public events, dating back to Feb 1999, which was many years before Cherry Jones. (Not sure about when Tracy Letts was in mix.)

    Amanda and Sarah in words, and in music: “Bang a Gong.”

    Would like to say a few words about the Cherry Jones’ side of it, but that is strictly ‘none of my business.’ Karen, maybe someday Cherry Jones will enlighten all of us by writing a memoir, “Notches on a Lipstick Case.”

  7. I’ll take Sarah’s word for it that she loves Cherry and Amanda deeply. One as a friend and one as a lover.

  8. You’re right and further discussions of the Cherry Triangle are fruitless.

    That being said, I still think that Cherry is tops and she shouldn’t be treated like a second banana. Further, Cherry Jones is President of the United States on ’24′ this season, so how does it look?

    This is how it looks: like she has no control over who is under her.

  9. Most of what I read now are still the old news articles about Sarah/Cherry. It’s been some time since they broke up. Any news on who Cherry Jones is dating now? I know she lives in NYC but also spends a lot of time in LA, currently for the upcoming show ‘AWAKE’ which I absolutely cannot wait for. So Cherry has both coasts to, um, play the field. lol

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