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2010 Greggys: Male Star of the Year is Chris Colfer!’s not been easy deciding on a Male Star of the Year because there are so many openly gay performers out there now who are deserving.

Do you give the 2010 Greggy to Ricky Martin for coming out so beautifully through his memoir and a series of wonderful interviews? What about to the oh-so-talented and funny Jesse Tyler Ferguson who is a bright shining light on Modern Family, TV’s Emmy winning comedy? Or Adam Lambert, a worldwide singing sensation who earned his first Grammy nod? Or the busy-as-ever Neil Patrick Harris who had another banner year on television and film, won two Emmys and became a dad?

All would be good choices but the 2010 Greggy for Male Star of the Year goes to … Chris Colfer!

Chris is just an utter breath of fresh air.

As a 20 year old openly gay star of one of TV’s hottest shows, the world is his oyster. He’s an inspiration to young kids everywhere – and to those of us who are not so young anymore.

His character of Kurt Hummel has become the heart and soul of Glee and the entertainment industry has noticed nominating Chris for a supporting actor Emmy and Golden Globe. I’m most impressed with his recent Screen Actors Guild nod because there is no separation between lead and supporting performances – just five slots and Chris got one of them!

Chris is not only getting major kudos for his acting on Glee, he’s also proven to be a charming guest on such shows as Conan, Chelsea Lately and Jimmy Kimmel. In addition, Chris has been featured this year in Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly and scores of other magazines, newspapers and website.

On opening night at the Outfest Film Festival last summer, Chris presented Glee co-star Jane Lynch with the Lifetime Achievement Award and it is she who ended up paying tribute to him in her acceptance speech: “You are grace and dignity personified and the entire world has just embraced you and who you are but no more than the courageous kids who now have a fashion-forward role model. … You’re just a bright light and it’s a lot to put on your young shoulders but I don’t worry about you because you have a wise old grandma that lives inside of you keeping your feet on the ground and making sure everyone has enough to eat.”

Other 2010 Greggy winners: TV Show of the Year: Glee; Movie of The Year: The Kids Are All Right; Female Star of the Year: Jane Lynch; New Star of the Year Darren Criss; Music Star of the Year Adam Lambert; Soap Star of the Year: Eric Sheffer Stevens; Book of the Year: Patti LuPone’s a Memoir; Couple of the Year: Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka; Icon of the Year: Lily Tomlin; Coming Out Story of the Year: Chely Wright; Straight Ally of the Year: Kathy Griffin and Morning Men of The Year.



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10 Remarks

  1. EXCELLENT choice, Greg! It’s wonderful that we have so many more options than we had just a few years ago. I adore Chris though and think he is a worthy choice this year. Love the quote from Jane too.

  2. Very deserving! Chris Colfer is such a talented, intelligent young man. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s hilarious and growing up to be quite a good looking young man.

  3. I love Chris Colfer!

    His work on Glee is amazing and he is very charming and sweet in interviews. Great choice!

  4. Excellent choice! really what I most desire is that Kurt has something to Sam! would be great!

  5. Amazing. Chris has gone from an unknown to a worldwide phenomenon.

  6. Another excellent choice. I hope he has a long and prosperous career. He’s an extremely talented handsome man and in addtion has a beautiful personality.

    What’s been great about these Greggy awards is that there are so many more candidates to choose from than in earlier years. It shows things have dramatically improved for OUT LGBT actors in the television industry. Let’s hope the motion picture industry follows in the same foosteps.

  7. He gets a vote for voice of the year as well. His version of “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” is on constant repeat in this house. And he’s such a talented and refreshingly positive young role model.

  8. Sorry I just don’t see Chris Colfer as a breath of fresh air at all. He is a gay actor playing the flamboyant gay charactor in a TV show. What’s new realy? We know what will happen to him after Glee is over. He will be pigeonholed into playing feminine gay characters.

  9. Chris Colfer is such a stunning, beautiful person. ♥

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    Tara Gleek says:


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