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Season 3 of ‘Eastsiders’ is in the works

The other day I was talking to Beth, one of my BFFs, and she excitedly told me that she and her wife had discovered Eastsiders on Netflix and were hooked.

I was so glad to hear that this terrific series is still gaining new fans now that it can be streamed.

I just love Eastsiders which stars Van Hansis, Kit Williamson, Constance Wu, John Halbach and Stephen Guarino, among others.

It takes place in Silver Lake, the Los Angeles community in which I live, and centers around a gay couple thom and Cal played by Hansis and series creator, writer and director Williamson.

Kit and Van are currently on the cover of Frontiers Magazine and in the article, Kit shares that he is currently writing season three of the show.

He says the next season will resemble the more intimate nature of season one.

‘I want to go back to the original focus on Cal and Thom because I think there’s a lot to explore there. We expanded the show in its second season – which was great, and we featured a lot of amazing actors – but I think the core of the series is these two men.’

He adds: ‘I loved opening up this world. It gave us a lot of opportunities I didn’t think we’d ever have. And most of our favorite characters will return for the third season, I think.’

Williamson has written four episodes so far for the new season which has not yet been funded. Crowdfunding was successfully used to produce seasons one and two.

The show’s second season earned an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Daytime Digital Drama series and Hansis also earned an Emmy nomination.

He had previously been nominated three times for his performance as Luke Snyder on the now-canceled soap opera As the World Turns.


Wishing a happy birthday to Tim Gunn!

Project Runway’s Tim Gunn turns 63 today.

I’m not much into fashion (clearly!) but I really respect and appreciate how open Tim has been in recent years about his harrowing struggles as a teen with depression and being gay.

He told Terry Gross of NPR in 2014: “I want anyone listening and hearing the story about my troubled adolescence, I hope it was clear that I didn’t come out of this alone. I mean, life is a big collaboration, and when you’re tackling something that’s painful and troubling and is causing you such desperate grief, that you think life’s not worth living, you need to reach out. Reach out before then, actually.

“Reach out to people whom you trust, people who will reach back and offer you some solace and some guidance, because it doesn’t happen alone. And if I had been just left on my own, well, I wouldn’t be here. I simply wouldn’t be. And I’m glad I’m here, and there’s not a single day I don’t thank my lucky stars and say I’m the luckiest guy alive.

“And I will also say that I wouldn’t take back that pain and that anguish for anything, because it’s helped formed who I am and it’s helped me appreciate the joyous moments of life, of which there are many.”

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Friday Morning Man: Chad Wingard!

This is the kind of guy who, I think, Rosie O’Donnell would have described as a cutie patootie on her old talk show.

Although he looks like he belongs on one of The CW shows, Chad Wingard is an Australian rules footballer who currently plays for the Port Adelaide Football Club in the Australian Football League.

He was just a teenager when he made his pro debut for in 2012 for Port Adelaide.

Today is Chad’s 23rd birthday!

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Late Night Videos: Chelsea introduces her mom and Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech

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Billie Jean King, Jane Fonda, Dustin Lance Black and other celebs react to Clinton speech on Twitter

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Celeb Instagram: Hillary Clinton Edition

So proud.

A photo posted by Hillary Clinton (@hillaryclinton) on

Wacha especially loved the line: "A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man you can trust with nuclear weapons."

A photo posted by Andy Cohen (@bravoandy) on

She don't wanna take away your guns! #pillowbitersforHillary #imwithher

A photo posted by kyandouglas (@kyandouglas) on

"Tonight, we've reached a milestone in our nation's march toward a more perfect union: the first time that a major party has nominated a woman for president. Standing here as my mother's daughter, and my daughter's mother, I'm so happy this day has come. Happy for grandmothers and little girls and everyone in between. Happy for boys and men because when any barrier falls in America, it clears the way for everyone. When there are no ceilings, the sky's the limit. So let's keep going…until every one of the 161 million women and girls across America has the opportunity she deserves to have. Because even more important than the history we make tonight, is the history we will write together in the years ahead." —Hillary

A photo posted by Hillary Clinton (@hillaryclinton) on

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Andy Cohen is no fan of North Carolina’s governor

Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen has been known to have strong opinions.

But when it comes to North Carolina’s Republican Governor Pat McCrory, Cohen really lets loose.

‘That f*****g governor, he needs to be voted out,’ Cohen tells TMZ when asked about the governor who signed into law the controversial anti-LGBT bill known as HB2.

HB2 stands for House Bill 2 which bans transgender people from using public bathrooms corresponding with their gender identity and excludes sexual orientation and gender identity from state anti-discrimination laws.

The law has given a political and financial black eye to the state and caused the National Basketball Association to move next year’s All-Star Game from Charlotte.

Cohen praises the NBA for ‘having the balls’ to move the event to another state.

‘I love it! God bless the NBA,’ the openly gay Cohen says.

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George Takei uses his family’s four years in an internment camp to warn voters about Donald Trump

George Takei is using his family’s personal story and his fluency in Spanish to warn hispanic voters about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his views on immigration.

The Star Trek icon shared his concerns in a Facebook video that is closing in on 12 million views as of Thursday (28 July).

Takei says he made the video to give some personal and historical perspective on how Trump’s words and plans ‘can have very real and terrible consequences.’

Takei reminds people that in 1942, anti-Japanese hysteria led to the forced relocation of 120,000 Japanese-Americans from the West Coast including his family.

‘When I was a little boy, politicians used fear and racism against people of Japanese descent in this country,’ Takei says.

‘We were targets simply because we happened to look like the people who happened to bomb Pearl Harbor. They said we were all spies and saboteurs, that none of use could be trusted.

‘When Trump today says Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers, it is his way of similarly dehumanizing whole groups, so that he can set his plans in motion.

‘I still remember the day armed guards marched up our driveway with bayonets ordering us out of our home. I remember my mother’s tears as we took with us only what we could carry. And we lost all that we had worked so hard for.’

For the next four years, Takei’s family was kept in a camp behind barbed wire fences with armed guards – held prisoner in their own country.

Takei says Trump wants to ‘forcibly round up 100 times the number interned in 1942.’

He points out that Trump hasn’t yet explained “who can stay and who must go ‘ and that ‘back then, they simply said, “A Jap is a Jap.”‘

Takei says today Trump tells his supporters that a ‘Mexican is a Mexican.’”

He points to as proof Trump’s accusing the judge in the ongoing Trump University trial of being biased against him simply because the judge is of Hispanic descent even though the judge was born in Indiana.

‘He is playing on the same fears and ignorance that once led this country to intern my family.’

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See Broadway stars perform ‘What the World Needs Now Is Love’ at Democratic National Convention

This stellar group includes out performers BD Wong, Wilson Cruz and Michael Urie as well as such names as Audra McDonald, Idina Menzel, Darren Criss, Ben Vereen, Len Cariou, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Debra Messing, Kristen Bell and my favorite sighting: Tyne Daly and Sharon Gless!

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Olympic legend Greg Louganis on his Wheaties box: ‘It means more now than it probably would’ve then’

Greg Louganis in his diving prime can be seen this summer on boxes of Wheaties breakfast cereal.

And he doesn’t mind one bit that the year is 2016 and not 1988 or 1984.

‘It means more now than it probably would’ve then, because they would’ve been celebrating the athlete (back then),’ Louganis says in a new episode of Where Are They Now?

‘I’m a gay man living with HIV. I feel like I’m being embraced as a whole person, and not just a part of me.’

The Weaties box went to Louganis’ fellow Olympians Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn Jenner) and Mary Lou Retton even though he was widely considered the greatest diver of all time.

He won two gold medals in 1988, two in 1984 and a silver medal in 1976 while still in high school.

Although he did not come out publicly as a gay man until 1994, Louganis was rumored to be gay and that seemed to hurt his commercial endorsement opportunities.

He shared with the world that he is HIV-positive in 1995 in his autobiography and has gone on to be an outspoken activist for HIV awareness and LGBTI equality.

Now 56, Louganis works with US diving as a mentor and was recently the focus of the Emmy-nominated documentary Greg Louganis: Back On Board.

He shared his philosophy on life: ‘Never give up. Never give up on yourself, never give up on your dreams. You never know what’s going to happen.’

Louganis also reflects on all that has happened since his last Olympics as a competitor.

‘So much as changed in the world. We’ve come so far as far as marriage equality and so many things that I’ve really kind of fought hard for, so it really does mean a lot,’ he says. ‘I got married, which was tremendous because I never thought I’d see the day that I would be able to get married.’


Thursday Morning Man: Zach Parise!

Hockey pro Zach Parise is celebrating his 31st birthday today. The left winger has played for Minnesota Wild since 2012 and was captain of Team USA at the 2014 Olympics. He played NCAA hockey at the University of North Dakota and won a gold medal at the 2004 World Junior Championships, where he was named Most Valuable Player and Best Forward.

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Images from Democratic National Convention!

I'd pay a pretty penny to know what President Obama said to Sec Clinton at this moment! #DemConvention Should we have a caption contest?? Go!

A photo posted by Lance Bass (@lancebass) on

Just me and the future First Gentleman having a lovely chat. #ImWithHer #LoveTrumpsHate #DemsInPhilly

A photo posted by Dustin Lance Black (@dlanceblack) on


A photo posted by Andy Cohen (@bravoandy) on

We love you back, President Obama.

A photo posted by Hillary Clinton (@hillaryclinton) on

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Lunch Break Video: See “Star Trek Beyond’ stars Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine tested on space knowledge

Can’t believe Chris Pine didn’t get that Sally Ride was the first US woman to fly to the moon! In fairness, that was pretty much that was the only question I knew the answer to.

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Matt Bomer is returning to TV in ‘The Last Tycoon’

Love this!

Dreamy and talented Matt Bomer, last seen starring opposite Lady Gaga in American Horror Story: Hotel, has landed a new TV series gig.

The Golden Globe Award winning actor will star in the series The Last Tycoon for Amazon Studios opposite Kelsey Grammer.

The pilot streamed last month and was seen as a strong contender to become a series, according to Deadline Hollywood.

The show is set in 1930s Hollywood and is based on the final unfinished novel of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Inspired by the life of film mogul Irving Thalberg and his rise to power, Bomer plays studio executive Monroe Stahr who it pitted against the studio head who was also his mentor (Grammer) who is based on Louis B. Mayer.

Since coming out publicly as a gay man in 2012, Matt has continued to work non-stop in gay and straight roles and I’ve watched every one of them.

After wrapping up a six season run on TV’s White Collar in 2014, he starred in AHS: Hotel, in the Magic Mike feature film and its sequel, and was nominated for an Emmy and won a Golden Globe Award for his performance in HBO’s The Normal Heart.

Bomer also appeared in The Nice Guys with Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe and has a role in The Magnificent Seven with Chris Pratt and Denzel Washington.

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Kristen Stewart on being in love with a woman: ‘It opened my life up and I’m so much happier’

Kristen Stewart is opening up for the first time about her relationship with girlfriend Alicia Cargile.

‘I’m just really in love with my girlfriend,’ she tells ELLE UK.

‘We’ve broken up a couple of times and gotten back together, and this time I was like, “Finally, I can feel again.”‘

Stewart had previously had a very public relationship with her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson.

‘When I was dating a guy I was hiding everything that I did because everything personal felt like it was immediately trivialized, so I didn’t like it,’ she says.

‘We were turned into these characters and placed into this ridiculous comic book, and I was like, “That’s mine. You’re making my relationship something that it’s not.” I didn’t like that. But then it changed when I started dating a girl.’

What made for the change?

‘I was like, “Actually, to hide this provides the implication that I’m not down with it or I’m ashamed of it” so I had to alter how I approached being in public.

‘It opened my life up and I’m so much happier.’

Stewart, 26, currently appears in the Woody Allen film Cafe Society.


Celeb Instagram: Bill Clinton at DNC! Robbie Rogers and Cheyenne Jackson are ‘with her’

"You should elect her, she’ll never quit when the going gets tough. She’ll make us stronger together. Your children and your grandchildren will be grateful." —Bill Clinton

A photo posted by Hillary Clinton (@hillaryclinton) on

With the support of leaders like the Clintons & @Potus I am so grateful I live in a world where I experience the rights, the freedom, and the joy of parenthood like so many others. #heswithher

A photo posted by Robbie Rogers (@robbierogers) on

Don't worry BillieJean…#imwithher too. So inspired by the #DNCinPhilly.

A photo posted by Cheyenne Jackson (@mrcheyennejackson) on

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Wednesday Morning Man: Lorik Cana!

Today is this handsome guy’s 33rd birthday.

He’s soccer pro Lorik Cana who was born in the former Yugoslavia but was was eligible to play for either Albania, Switzerland or France.

Lorik chose Albania and captained the national team for five years.

He is currently a defender for French club Nantes.

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Late Night Video: Watch Meryl Streep’s full speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention

Three-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep spoke at the Democratic National Convention tonight and spoke of the ‘grace and grit’ of some of history’s most important American women who accomplished firsts including Sandra Day O’Connor, Sally Ride, Amelia Earhart and now, Hillary Clinton – the first woman to be the presidential nominee of a major US political party.

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Lesbian TV psychic Miss Cleo has died at 53

The TV psychic known as Miss Cleo has died of cancer at the age of 53. Her death comes 10 years after she came out publicly as a lesbian in an interview I did with her for The Advocate..

She, of course, achieved fame as a spokeswoman for a psychic pay-per-call service Psychic Readers Network from 1997 to 2003.

Although she had a Jamaican accent in the infomercials that became a late night television staple, Miss Cleo was actually born in Los Angeles under the name Youree Dell Harris.

Harris died Tuesday morning in Palm Beach County, Florida. She had recently been hospitalized but was discharged last week to a hospice center, TMZ reports.

What viewers didn’t know during the years the infomercials ran is that Miss Cleo was a lesbian. She came out publicly in 2006, four years after the infomercials were pulled from the air under a cloud of various lawsuits and federal and state investigations.

But she came out with some trepidation.

‘The reason it’s scary is because in my personal experience, black cultures throughout the world have a more difficult time accepting homosexuality in their family,’ she told me in 2006.

‘I have family members who will be shocked; they don’t know. I have some family members who are very close to me, and they do know. But I’ve been afraid of the wrath, of the exile. When I came out to a number of friends in the late ’80s I had a number of friends who turned their backs on me and walked away. That was really intense. I really believed they were my friends.’

But even after her television career as Miss Cleo ended, Harris said she would still be treated affectionately by fans.

‘If I’m standing in line somewhere and I’m talking, someone will whip their head around and look at me,’ she said in the Advocate interview. ‘People give me mad love, sweetheart. They’ll say, “Do you see anything? Where do we find you? When are you coming back? We miss you.” I get a lot of love.’

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Snapped! Nate Berkus and his beautiful family

What a wonderful week at the alisal. @jeremiahbrent Someone's getting to be a very big girl…..

A photo posted by Nate Berkus (@nateberkus) on

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