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Jon Cryer: ‘[Gay men] don’t come onto me. I’ve never been propositioned. Fellas, you’re dropping the ball”

Jon Cryer’s character on Two and a Half Men isn’t gay and yet on next week’s episode of the CBS sitcom, he’s getting married to a man.

In real life, Cryer has been married to second wife Lisa Joyner since 2009 and yet he has often been mistaken for being gay.

Cryer, 49, tells HuffPost Live that the confusion is likely because he is an ‘effeminate heterosexual dork’ and has an ‘encyclopedic knowledge of show tunes.’

He added: ‘All of the stereotypical stuff that everybody thinks the gay community holds close, I have been a part of, except for the gay sex.’

If he had been gay, Cryer doesn’t seem to think he would have been exactly in demand when it comes to gay men.

‘They don’t come onto me,’ he said. ‘I’ve never been propositioned. Fellas, you’re dropping the ball (laughs).

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Alan Cumming never felt shame over being bisexual: “I never felt it was something wrong with me”

Bisexual actor Alan Cumming had a rough time growing up but not because of his sexuality.

The Tony winner reveals in a new memoir that he and his mother and brother suffered for years living with a physically and emotionally abusive father.

So when it came time for sorting out his sexuality, Cumming realized even as a teen that he was attracted emotionally and physically to both men and women.

‘Yeah I mean I’ve always been bisexual,’ Cumming said on Larry King Now this week. ‘I had a boyfriend before I was married (to a woman) and I’ve always sort of felt I was bisexual.

‘Amazingly, in a funny way, I never had any shame about sexuality – I just never did. I never felt it as wrong. I felt at certain times it was going to be difficult because people weren’t very receptive to it but I never felt it was something wrong with me.’

The 49-year-old Scottish star believes the world has progressed regarding sexuality but says bisexuals are still somewhat misunderstood.

‘There’s been kind of a fad where people think bisexual means he’s gay but just not comfortable with it yet. Or you’re just, you know, a whore.’

Cumming married husband Grant Shaffer in 2007. He had previously been married to Hilary Lyon from 1985–1993.

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Video: For Halloween, Ellen is the Bride of Clooney

Ellen DeGeneres didn’t even wear a gown for her wedding to Portia de Rossi in 2008.

But for Halloween this year, the talk show show host donned a white dress and veil as the bride of George Clooney.

With her short blond locks covered by a long, dark wig, the talk show host transformed herself into Amal Alamuddin.

‘I like Halloween because it’s the one time of year you can dress up however you want, and pretend you’re someone you’d never be in real life. For me, that’s married to a man,’ she told her audience.

DeGeneres was accompanied by a Clooney dummy who was the silent type but very handsy.


Snapped! See Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka and their twins in their Batman-themed Halloween costumes

Very clever, as usual. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka went the Gotham City route with their twins as Batman and Robin and the daddies as villains The Riddler and The Jocker.

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LA Times TV critic identifies Tyler Ritter as gay in review of “The McCarthys” – makes correction

LA Times TV critic Robert Lloyd must think Tyler Ritter is a mighty good actor.

So good that Lloyd identified Ritter as being gay in a review of the new sitcom The McCarthys in which Ritter plays a gay man.

He isn’t.

Wrote Lloyd in Thursday’s paper: ‘And we note with some satisfaction that where the father (the late John Ritter of Three’s Company fame) got famous playing a straight man pretending to be gay – so he can room with two women, priceless – we have progressed at least to the point in which a gay actor can play a gay man as the lead in a network comedy, created by a gay man (Brian Gallivan, Happy Endings), and the only question is whether it’s funny or not. It’s not even a fluke anymore.’

The paper corrected the part about the younger Ritter’s sexuality on page A4 today: A review in the Oct. 30 Calendar section of the TV series The McCarthys incorrectly stated that actor Tyler Ritter is gay.

The online version of Lloyd’s review has been corrected.

As I mentioned in today’s Morning Man post, Tyler is married to Argentinian director Lelia Parma who he met during the three years he spent teaching in Argentina.

Anyway, Lloyd was complimentary about Ritter’s performance on the show: ‘ … There is something especially warming in the presence of Ritter. He looks, sounds and acts very much like his late father, John., a stalwart of the situation comedy through the l;ate 20th century.’

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Days of Our Lives: Sami leaves Salem for LA – Will goes with her leaving poor Sonny behind

Sonny’s mom sure hits the nail on the head when she says of Will’s sudden departure to LA: ‘It’s all so drastic!’ ‘It just seems odd.’

Anyway, off he goes.

The “couple” have a touching goodbye in the garden of the DiMera mansion and finally seem to be connecting on am emotional level after Will being so oddly detached up until then.

The goodbyes for Sami are better and resonate more because Allison Sweeney is leaving the show after 20 years or so.

Sami says to Sonny: ‘Thank you for lending me your family … they are lucky to have you.’

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Halloween Video: Drew Droege as an imperious Chloe Sevigny in “Horror” and “Hallowe’en”

Drew Droege’s series of videos parodying Chloë Sevigny are an absolute scream. So funny, so well written and brilliantly performed. In honor of Halloween, I present to you two Halloween-themed videos of Drew as Chloe. Find out what random things scare Miss Sevigny.


Tuc Watkins to guest star on TNT’s “Major Crimes”

Anytime Tuc Watkins is on a television screen, it’s a very good thing.

The hunky One Life to Live and Desperate Housewives alum will appear in the will appear in the season-ending two-part episode of TNT’s Major Crimes.

TV Line hints that Tuc’s role in the Jan. 12 and 19 episodes could be of “pivotal capacity.”

Tuc, the father of two adorable kids, has been without a regular TV gig since the plug was pulled on the online version of One Life to Live last year.

But he has juggled recurring roles on Parks & Recreation, Awkward and in the web series Where the Bears Are.

Other recent guest spots have been on Anger Management, Franklin & Bash, Warehouse 13, The Glades and Baby Daddy.

TNT’s Major Crimes resumes Season 3 on Monday, Nov. 24.


Friday Morning Man: Tyler Ritter!

So I checked out the premiere of the new CBS sitcom The McCarthys last night and liked it a lot.

It’s always great to see Laurie Metcalf in anything but how great to have her playing the mother of four adult children – including a gay son who she faithfully watches The Good Wife with.

The son is played by Tyler Ritter and he is quite appealing and he’s today’s Morning Man.

‘The show starts out with him already having come out a few years before, and the family is totally OK and accepting of him,’ Tyler tells The Wrap.  ‘Aside from the fact that he’s in the dating world and meeting new guys, it really isn’t that big of a plot, because these guys could easily be girls. The actual sexuality in and of itself isn’t what makes this show tick. It’s the characters themselves, it’s the conflicts they run into.

Prior to landing the role in The McCarthys, Tyler had appeared in guest spots on Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy and has completed work on two upcoming films: Work Mom and An Evergreen Christmas.

Acting is the family business: He’s the son of the late John Ritter, grandson of the late Tex Ritter and brother of actor Jason Ritter.

But Tyler did not pursue acting professionally until he was 25. After college, he worked as a teacher in Argentina for three years and married Argentinian director Lelia Parma before moving back to LA to pursue acting.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly comes out: ‘I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me’

Even when “everyone” knows a person is gay, it’s a powerful day when that person decides they are ready to come out publicly.

It’s even more powerful when that person is one of the most powerful CEOs in the world.

It happened this morning when Apple CEO Tim Cook posted an essay in Bloomberg Businessweek. Here are some excerpts:

While I have never denied my sexuality, I haven’t publicly acknowledged it either, until now. So let me be clear: I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me.

Being gay has given me a deeper understanding of what it means to be in the minority and provided a window into the challenges that people in other minority groups deal with every day. It’s made me more empathetic, which has led to a richer life. It’s been tough and uncomfortable at times, but it has given me the confidence to be myself, to follow my own path, and to rise above adversity and bigotry. It’s also given me the skin of a rhinoceros, which comes in handy when you’re the CEO of Apple.

I don’t consider myself an activist, but I realize how much I’ve benefited from the sacrifice of others. So if hearing that the CEO of Apple is gay can help someone struggling to come to terms with who he or she is, or bring comfort to anyone who feels alone, or inspire people to insist on their equality, then it’s worth the trade-off with my own privacy.


Part of social progress is understanding that a person is not defined only by one’s sexuality, race, or gender. I’m an engineer, an uncle, a nature lover, a fitness nut, a son of the South, a sports fanatic, and many other things. I hope that people will respect my desire to focus on the things I’m best suited for and the work that brings me joy.

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Throwback Thursday Videos: All about Matt Fielding, the openly gay character on “Melrose Place”

In this era of hot gay sex scenes on ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder, it’s hard to believe that it was not really that long ago when gay characters on prime-time network television could not even get away with a chaste kiss.

One of those characters was Matt Fielding on Melrose Place. Played so well by Doug Savant before his long run on Desperate Housewives, Matt hugged his romantic partners. The one time he kissed one at his doorstep, the camera cut away to neighbor Billy’s face watching (he was kissing Billy’s best friend who Billy did not know was gay).

Anyway, Matt’s greatest moment was when he ripped off the wig of evil Kimberly who was played by future Housewives co-star Marcia Cross. Could not find that classic scene so if anyone does, please post a link of it in the comments.

Matt is on my mind because Wentworth Miller talks about how he used to watch him while in college – and closeted. See that story over at Gay Star News.

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Wentworth Miller talks his role on “The Flash”

My pal Jim Halterman has interviewed Wentworth Miller for The Backlot about his role on The CW’s The Flash.

Great to see the former Prison Break star back in series television – especially since he does so as an openly gay man in real. life.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

I may be guilty of having done the ‘gay gasp’ when I heard you were playing Cold. What’s the reaction been that you’re aware of about your part in the show?

WM: Couldn’t tell you. I don’t read entertainment journalism and I’m not online scrolling through the comments. I hope I’m well-received. But that’s not up to me. So I’m not losing sleep over it. One of my acting coaches told me, “You cannot give people what they want. You can only give them what you do. If what you do is what they want, you’re in business. If it’s not… move on.”

There are so many gay characters on TV now, even more so than when Prison Break was on the air. What do you make of where we’re at when even a show like The Flash will have gay characters??

WM: Obviously it’s important for folks in the LGBT community – kids especially – to see themselves reflected onscreen. I can remember watching Melrose Place in college and paying special attention to the Matt Fielding character. Did that help ease the pain of coming out? No. Did I squirm a little wondering if my friends who were watching the show with me were connecting me to Matt? Yes. I also knew the actor (Doug Savant) was straight. But I did appreciate seeing some evidence that Hollywood was willing to tell Matt’s story. It wasn’t my story, but I felt a connection. Some representation. We’ve come a long way since then and I’m sure we’ll go a long way still.

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Days of Our Lives: Will & Sonny storyline hitting new lows as Will prepares to leave for LA with Ari

Okay, I’m just going to say it: these scenes are painful to watch.

Not painful because they are so sad, painful because they are such crap. So badly written and lacking credibility as they have Will behaving in ways that are absolutely inconsistent with the character.

It’s fine to create a wedge between Sonny and Will but at least make it feel authentic instead of Will not only breaking the news to his husband but leaving – with baby Ari – that very day.

Will seems very insensitive about it all and is far from the character we cared about so much when he came out to grandma Marlena and fought Nick for his baby,

This is a low point for the storyline.

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Drew Droege and Jordan Firstman are hilarious as very mean gays in “The Disgustings”

This is really something – and kind of scary because there are people actually almost like this.

In Jordan Firstman’s short film The Disgustings, Firstman and the great Drew Droege play a pair of best friends who are hilariously and sadly beyond toxic.

We get to see them take no prisoners throughout their LA day – brunch, a hike, a movie, happy hour.

They are a pathetic pair who are pretty much over everything and shut off to even the good things in life.

Fascinating to watch.

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Thursday Morning Man: Jay Byars!

This is one of the best looking men – Morning Man or otherwise – that I have ever seen.

He’s Jay Byars and he’s one of the 30 finalists in The Price is Right’s Male Model Search which is currently underway.

The public will eventually choose the winner.

I say just choose him right now and I may start watching the show for like the first time since I was a kid and stayed home sick from school. I think then-host Bob Barker still had dark hair then.

Fans of CBS’s Survivor will recognize a long-haired Jay from his season competing on the show.

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Wendy Williams has a REAL problem with Bruce Jenner wearing nail polish – goes off on tirade

For someone who recently had Laverne Cox on her show, Wendy Williams showed a stunning lack of sensitivity and awareness on her daytime talk show earlier today when she went off on Bruce Jenner for wearing fingernail polish.

‘Thank God he waited for his kids to grow up before making this transition or whatever it is he’s going through,’ Williams said.

‘Can you imagine how awful it would be for those kids if he showed up with a blowout, a shaved Adam’s apple, pink nail polish, and smoking a cigarette at a PTA meeting? Could you imagine?’

Jenner, who is wearing his hair quite long these days, has acknowledged having his Adam’s apple shaved but has not commented on widespread speculation that he is transitioning to female.

Williams was quickly slammed for her comments by Sarah Kate Ellis, president and CEO of GLAAD.

‘To suggest that a person’s nail polish color or hairstyle would inflict harm on their children is just ludicrous,’ Ellis said. ‘What does inflict harm, however, is gross and invasive speculation about a person’s gender identity.’

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Late Night Video: Ellen DeGeneres scares the heck out on an unsuspecting Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal figured he was going on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote his latest movie and to have a little chit chat with the host.

Then he got the crap scared out of him.

See how Ellen pulled it off – Jake’s face is priceless!


Get your first look of Matt Bomer on the set of “American Horror Story: Freak Show”

Who else but Ryan Murphy could get the red hot Neil Patrick Harris and Matt Bomer to guest star on a TV series in the same season?

We learned earlier today that NPH and hubby David Burtka would be on American Horror Story: Freak Show.

We already knew about Bomer but had not seen any images of him in the set – until now.

This is courtesy of OUT Magazine which reports that Matt will make his debut on the Nov. 5 episode which is said to be the the season’s most horrendous hour yet.


Michael C. Hall’s “Hedwig” wig stolen!

I get the feeling whoever tries to wear this wig for Halloween is going to be a prime suspect.

It seems that someone has stolen Hedwig and the Angry Inch star Michael C. Hall’s wig.

His long, blond wig disappeared after a recent performance following a scene where the transgender punk rocker character rips off the wig and throws it to the ground.

‘Normally, the crew gets it immediately after the curtain call,’ a source tells The New York Post’s Page Six.

‘The wig was nowhere to be found. They suspect an eager fan grabbed it [off the stage] and made off with it.’

There is suspicion that someone will wear the wig on Halloween.

Producer David Binder warns them against it in a tongue in cheek quote: ‘You do not mess with Hedwig’s wigs. I’m afraid for the poor person who did this, because Hedwig will find you — hunt you down, and do unspeakable things to you.

‘Trust me, you’d better not wear it in the Village on Friday. She’ll snatch it right off your head, and if she takes a handful of your actual hair, I can’t be held responsible.’

Hall recently took over the title role at the Belasco Theatre from Andrew Rannells who had a two month run after Neil Patrick Harris departed his Tony Award winning role.

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Helen Reddy to celebrate her 73rd birthday with shows at LA’s Catalina Jazz Club this weekend

Boy, I feel like it’s my birthday since I’ve been invited to see Helen Reddy perform in concert this weekend and to meet her after the show in the green room.

But it’s actually her birthday – her 73rd.

The legendary singer is performing on Saturday and Sunday nights at the Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood.

I saw her perform last year at the venue and can assure you that her voice has not diminished one bit with time. She sounds as good as she ever did as she performs such memorable hits as You and Me Against the World, Angie Baby, Delta Dawn, Ain’t No Way to Treat a Lady and, of course, I Am Woman.

Miss Reddy had retired from singing but decided to re-emerge after more than a decade away from the stage.

Her fans are thrilled and it’s such a treat to have her back.

To order tickets for this weekend’s LA shows, go to the show’s website or call 323-466-2210.

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