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Oliver proposes to Conner on season three finale of ABC’s ‘How to Get Away With Murder’

After numerous break-ups and make-ups, I.T. specialist Oliver Hampton proposed to law school student Connor Walsh on the season three finale of ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder.

Adversity always brings this pair closer together and Connor’s kidnapping led them back together this time around.

‘You’re the most important thing in my life so whatever you want I’m here with you,’ Oliver said as the couple undressed.

‘We could move to California, we could make a million babies if you want. … Marry me. I mean it. Marry me.’

The show’s openly gay creator and executive producer Pete Nowalk won’t say if a ‘Coliver’ wedding will take place next season.

‘Of course there’s a chance of it!’ Nowalk tells Variety.

‘I can’t imagine what their wedding would look like. I don’t know if they’re the most traditional, so I would tell people who love weddings not to expect a gown and petals on the aisle.

‘But I think these are people clinging to each other and really diving into love in extreme ways just so that they can feel something nice, and that’s what I liked about that moment (of the proposal) — it was a bit of sweetness in the horror.’

Aside from the various twists and turns of the show’s murder plot, Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) and Connor (Jack Falahee) have been through a lot so far.

Most notably the shock of Oliver being diagnosed HIV-positive during season two when the two got tested together.

The far more promiscuous Connor remains negative and accepts Oliver’s status.

But it is Oliver who has had issues adjusting and the two split for a time for that and other reasons.

As Oliver re-entered the dating world, he found other guys to be not as accepting of his HIV status as Connor.

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WATCH: The best of Ellen’s Oscar re-enactments

This is a fun compilation from the self-proclaimed ‘Meryl Streep of re-enactments’ Ellen DeGeneres. She gets some help on a few of these from Neil Patrick Harris. Enjoy!


John Travolta in his underwear in ‘Saturday Night Fever’ was Ricky Martin’s first celebrity crush

Ricky Martin was on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live last night and was asked who his first celebrity crush was. I can totally relate to his answer. ‘Saturday Night [Fever] with John Travolta,’ Martin said. ‘And that underwear scene where he stands up, sits down and he … even puts it in order. … I saw that movie back then like eight times and I didn’t know why.’ It all makes sense now!

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Friday Morning Man: Kendall Schmidt!

This great looking guy is actor and musician Kendell Schmidt.

The 26 year old is best known for playing Kendall Knight in Big Time Rush and was also part of a boy band with the same name. The show lasted for four seasons and the band has released three albums and went on ‘hiatus’ last year.

Kendell launched a solo music career in 2014 and went on tour with his band, Heffron Drive. The band also released its first album Happy Mistakes.

Here’s a fun fact: When Kendall was nine years old, he was one of two young actors who were hired to be Haley Joel Osment’s stand-in and body double (they shared the same agent) in the Steven Spielberg film, A.I. Artificial Intelligence. He celebrated his birthday on the set, and Spielberg and the cast surprised him with a birthday cake decorated with Star Wars figures.

He has also played small roles on several TV shows such as ER, Without a Trace, Phil of the Future, Ghost Whisperer, Gilmore Girls, and Frasier.

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Celeb Instagram: Sam Champion! Brian Justin Crum! Lance Bass! Jim Parsons! Streisand & Costner!

Ok!! Today is the day!!! No one really likes the #beard anyway so.. I'll shave it!! .. or should I ?!?!?!?

A post shared by Sam Champion (@samchampion) on

Finally able to relax in MY NEW HOUSE! Expect lots of photos as I put it all together. #Home

A post shared by BrianJustinCrum (@brianjustincrum) on

I meeeean. I'm so in love. @vanderpumpdogs #ChipAndDale

A post shared by Lance Bass (@lancebass) on

Lounging. In "Sheldon and Amy's apartment"… still not used to that!

A post shared by Jim Parsons (@therealjimparsons) on

w/ Kevin Costner. #OscarWeekend #1991 #TBT

A post shared by Barbra Streisand (@barbrastreisand) on

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Caityln Jenner finally speaks out against Republicans on anti-transgender actions

Caityln Jenner has broken her silence on federal guidelines protecting transgender students at school being rescinded by the Trump administration.

Jenner, a staunch Republican, singled out Attorney General Jeff Sessions on social media today.

‘I also have a message for the bullies. You suck. You’re losers and you’re going to keep on losing. Because you’re weak, you pick on kids or you pick on women or anyone you think is vulnerable. Apparently even becoming the Attorney General isn’t enough to cure some of you of your insecurity.’

The guidelines were issued by the US Department of Justice under Obama and rescinded under the department now run by Sessions.

Jenner, 66, has been widely criticized for her Republican politics as the party continues to veer toward the far right.

But it would seem this latest move which has sparked deep outrage among the LGBTI community and its allies is too much.

Says Jenner: ‘I have a message for the trans kids of America. You are winning. I know it doesn’t feel that way today or every day, but you _ are _ winning. You are going to keep on winning so much you’re going to get sick of winning.

‘Very soon, we’ll win full freedom nationwide, and it’s going to happen with bipartisan support.’

Jenner, the reality TV star and winner of the 1976 Olympic Gold Medal in the triathlon, came out as transgender in 2015.

She also has a message for President Donald Trump ‘from one Republican to another.’

‘This is a disaster. You made a promise and you can still fix it. You made a promise to protect the LGBTQ community. Call me.’

A post shared by Caitlyn Jenner (@caitlynjenner) on

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Tom Daley documents the premiere of fiancee Dustin Lance Black’s ‘When We Rise’ miniseries

I'm so proud of my @dlanceblack for premiering the whole 8 hours of his mini series @whenweriseabc :) I documented the whole day…check out my latest VLOG by going to my Instagram story and swiping up!

A post shared by Tom Daley (@tomdaley1994) on

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WATCH: Ross Mathews responds brilliantly to Milo Yiannopoulos’ attempt to shame his flamboyance

Television personality Ross Mathews won’t be shamed for being his flamboyant self – thank God.

During a press conference this week after his resignation from Breitbart News, disgraced gay right wing journalist Milo Yiannopoulos said: ‘I get emails from mothers sometimes and they say “My son is gay and I was terrified that he was going to turn into Ross Mathews.”‘

Mathews, a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race, has responded with a classy Facebook video taking on Yiannopoulos’ unkind remark.

‘I guess he means that if you’re a bit flamboyant or different, you’re considered “less than,”’ Mathews observed.

‘My response is not about me … I am proud to be the antithesis of whatever that guy is. Whatever he is not, I want my face on that poster. … I am loud and unapologetically myself and proud and 100% who I am. And I preach that – preach loving every part of you.’

But Mathews doesn’t want anyone – especially flamboyant kids – to take what Yiannopoulos had to say to heart.

‘I’m afraid that the kids like me out there now will see his message and not my message. So I want every kid out there who is different, who feels different, who knows that they’re different to know that that’s good.’

Being different has led to a very successful career for Mathews who gained fame more than 15 years ago as ‘Ross the Intern’ on NBC’s The Tonight Show.

Then-host Jay Leno began sending Matthews out to red carpet events with hilarious results.

The gig lasted for more than a decade and many other TV jobs followed including his current one as host of Hollywood Today Live and as part of E! Network’s red carpet team.

As for Yiannopoulos, his professional prospects are not as rosy since a video surfaced of a 2016 episode of a podcast in which he seems to endorse clerical abuse and underage sex.

In addition to losing his job at Breitbart, he also lost a book deal with Simon & Shuster and disinvited to speak at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Maryland.


Snapped! Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s truly amazing tush is setting Twitter afire!


Grace Slick donates money from Chick-fil-A Starship commercial to Lambda Legal

Grace Slick allowed Chick-fil-A to use one of her songs but the Jefferson Airplane and Starship singer had an ulterior motive.

The 77-year-old rock star donated what she was paid to the LGBT rights organization Lambda Legal. The Starship hit Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now was featured in a commercial for the fast food chain on Grammy night.

‘Chick-fil-A pisses me off,’ Slick writes in an Op-Ed for

Here’s why: ‘The Georgia-based company has a well-documented history of funding organizations … that are against gay marriage. I firmly believe that men should be able to marry men, and women women. I am passionately against anyone who would try to suppress this basic human right. So my first thought when ‘Check’-fil-A came to me was, “Fuck no!” But then I decided, “Fuck yes.”‘

‘I am donating every dime that I make from that ad to Lambda Legal, the largest national legal organization working to advance the civil rights of LGBTQ people, and everyone living with HIV,’ Slick writes.

‘Admittedly it’s not the millions that WinShape has given to organizations that define marriage as heterosexual. But instead of them replacing my song with someone else’s and losing this opportunity to strike back at anti-LGBTQ forces, I decided to spend the cash in direct opposition to “Check”-fil-A’s causes – and to make a public example of them, too. We’re going to take some of their money, and pay it back.’

The outspoken Slick insists her Op-Ed isn’t an attempt at spin.

‘You might think I’m writing this just to cover my ass for allowing a company whose practices many find morally objectionable to use Starship’s music. Well, I haven’t covered my ass since the day I was born (except, maybe, in a pair of white Levi’s).

‘From the moment I agreed to license the song, I knew I wanted to set an example for other artists. I wanted to tell them, “Your art will survive and thrive. Do not let it be used by companies who support intolerance. Don’t be afraid to take a stand. You’re an artist; that’s what we do.’

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Thursday Morning Man: Gareth Barry!

Gareth Barry is a very handsome English footballer – as you can see! – who plays as a midfielder for Everton.

Today is Gareth’s 36th birthday.

He joined Everton on a 3-year contract in July 2014 and he is currently vice captain.

He was previously captain of Aston Villa where he played from 1998–2009. Gareth then played for Manchester City from 2009–2014.

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Late Night Video: Jimmy Fallon plays Egg Russian Roulette with Neil Patrick Harris

The Tonight Show host has played this game with Tom Cruise and Ben Affleck, among others. Earlier tonight it was Neil Patrick Harris and Jimmy Fallon taking turns smashing eggs on their heads without knowing which are cooked and which are raw. Enjoy!

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Andy Cohen gets serious about vandalism at Jewish cemetery: ‘This is extremely personal for me’

As you know, Andy Cohen doesn’t often get very serious on his late night show Watch What Happens Live.

But the openly gay host took a few moments this week to condemn the vandalism at a Jewish cemetery in Missouri.

It turns out Cohen has relatives buried at Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery in University City.

‘This is extremely personal for me because my great-grandparents and many other of my relatives are buried there in that cemetery,’ Cohen said.

‘I don’t have to have a personal connection though to know that this is not who we are as Americans, and this certainly should not be where we’re heading.’

He added: ‘We are not even two months in 2017 and already there have been 69 reported bomb threats to [Jewish Community Centers] in 27 states. A synagogue was defaced, swastikas have been drawn on the subway here in New York City and now this.

‘This does not feel like a coincidence. We cannot allow acts of hate against anyone to become normal. We have got to do better as a country.’


Celeb Instagram: Madonna’s kids! Dustin Lance Black! Lea Delaria! Colton Haynes! Billy Gilman!

Pajama Game on……….,,,,The Revolution of starts at home!

A post shared by Madonna (@madonna) on

Yesterday we premiered #WhenWeRise in San Francisco to an audience that included many of the pioneers whom the miniseries is about… It was an all-day affair, and the theatre was filled with an unbelievable sense of community as we watched unsung heroes and unseen histories on the screen. Pretty @*#£ cool. It was one of the more meaningful days of my life… So honored to have been a part of @whenweriseabc and I hope you all tune in beginning 9pm Monday, February 27th on @abcnetwork #loveislove

A post shared by Charlie Carver (@charliecarver) on

Regram @h_e_r_s_t_o_r_y HOW DARE YOU ASSUME LEA DELARIA STRAIGHTironically worn by top #butch @realleadelaria 〰T-shirt available @otherwild #OtherwildNY #OtherwildLA part of #herstoryxotherwild collaboration #howdareyouassumeimstraight#lesbianculture #leadelaria

A post shared by Lea DeLaria (@realleadelaria) on

Celebrating the fact that I can still somehow say I'm "Young Hollywood" lol with my @vanityfair family & @allymaki ! Styled by the incredible @avoyermagyan in @johnvarvatos .

A post shared by Colton Haynes (@coltonlhaynes) on

Ahhh…this weather tho!

A post shared by Billy Gilman (@billygilmanofficial) on

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WATCH: Ricky Martin talks parenthood, fiancee and new Vegas gig on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’

Ricky Martin has been making a lot of talk show appearances the past few weeks but this one is so far my favorite. Wendy Williams does a good job with her questions, Ricky is relaxed and open and I just really enjoyed watching it – I think you will too.


TR Knight just couldn’t live in a glass closet: ‘It wasn’t an option for me. I just didn’t want to live that way’

It’s been more than 10 years since TR Knight came out publicly as a gay man.

It happened after former Grey’s Anatomy co-star Isaiah Washington referred to him as a ‘faggot’ during an on-set fight with Patrick Dempsey.

Speculation began and Knight chose to end it by releasing a statement which read in part: ‘I hope the fact that I’m gay isn’t the most interesting part of me.’

Knight, now 43, says in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly: ‘I had a choice. I guess I could’ve done the glass closet thing but I knew people who were living in that and it wasn’t an option for me. I just didn’t want to live that way.’

Washington was fired by the end of that season and Knight left a few years later after a ‘breakdown of communication’ with producer Shonda Rhimes.

‘Even though it was a little dramatic for a couple of years, every event led to something else,’ Knight says. ‘My departure from Grey’s led me to go back to New York, which led me to meeting my husband. He really is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.’

Knight married writer Patrick Leahy in 2013.

Since his five-year stint on Grey’s, Knight had appeared in Broadway plays, has had a recurring role on the CBS drama The Good Wife, appeared in the Hulu series 11.22.63 and is part of the ABC miniseries When We Rise which premieres next week.

He’s also reconciled with Rhimes and next month begins a recurring role on her ABC series The Catch.

‘It’s been fantastic> It leaves me with a very grateful and thankful heart to be invited back.’

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Wednesday Morning Man: Khylin Rhambo!

Oh to be 21 again. That’s how young today’s Morning Man Khylin Rhambo is. He is best known for his roles as Charles Johnson on the sitcom The First Family and as gay teen Mason Hewitt on MTV’s show Teen Wolf. On Teen Wolf, he is romantically involved with the character of Corey (Michael Johnson). But Mason is really the Beast! The actor told Xfinity last year that he admires how the show has handled his character being gay and that it speaks volumes. “If I look at it, there’s so much acceptance within it. I’ve never, ever done anything like this, and it’s been challenging and stretching me as an actor and showing me how to just really get outside of myself.’

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Gay fan of CMT host Cody Alan shares heartbreaking story of how his parents tried to ruin his life

CMT host Cody Alan shared on Instagram today a heartbreaking story from a gay fan who listened to him on the radio as a kid.

Alan came out publicly as a gay man last month and writes that he’s ‘getting a regular flow of messages’ from gay fans sharing their stories.

One of those stories was so compelling that Alan, 44, shared it with his 138,000 followers in its entirety.

The fan, now an adult, wrote to Alan to say how ‘fricking cool’ it is that he came out as gay.

‘Growing up being a little country kid, I listened to you every night going to bed. So you kind of present yourself as a household name for me.’

The fan came out to his parents a few years ago and they treated him quite cruelly.

‘They made sure I couldn’t go to college anymore, I lost my job, and I was kicked out of where I was living. But I always stuck to my country music.’

Even when he was homeless.

‘One of the best times I had when I was homeless for awhile was listening to you on an old radio. The front desk lady would let me sleep in the lobby on the Howard Johnson if I would fold towels for a few hours. I had a blast jamming to you after midnight.’

The fan concluded by writing: ‘Thank you for being an inspiration! And thanks for keeping me awake on those damn overnight shifts.’

Alan writes of this and other fans who have shared their stories: ‘So much strength out there. Glad to be a voice.’

I'm getting a regular flow of messages like this! so much strength out there. glad to be a voice.🌈

A post shared by Cody Alan (@cmtcody) on

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My interview with ‘Moonlight’ star Trevante Rhodes

Moonlight star Trevante Rhodes was a dazzling presence when he walked into a crowded back room at The Pikey in Hollywood over the weekend.

He was at the popular Sunset Boulevard bar and eatery to accept several awards from the Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association for the film.

I’m a member of this 175-member group and we also voted him the winner of our Rising Star of the Year.

Before the proceedings were underway, The 27-year-old actor chatted with me about how much his life has changed since Moonlight was released last October in the US.

‘It’s been just the most amazing life moments,’ he said. ‘Getting an opportunity to be a part of something that I love, that other people are loving – and it’s widespread. I’m kind of afraid of what life is going to be after. That’s how amazing this moment is.’

Rhodes is being recognized more in public now as the film becomes more widely seen.

‘Everywhere I go now it’s amazing,’ he said. ‘It’s unique because it’s so much love. I’m really low-key and like to fly under the radar so I always have hoodies and stuff on but it’s for something that I love so it’s incredible.’

Moonlight chronicles the life of a young black man from childhood to adulthood as he struggles to find his place in the world while growing up in a rough neighborhood of Miami.

Rhodes plays the character as an adult coming to terms with his sexuality and with his mother who is a recovering drug addict.

Rhodes ‘absolutely’ knew the script by director Barry Jenkins was amazing the moment he read it.

‘It was the best script I’d ever read. I’d never read anything like that – so vibrant,’ he said.

‘It spoke to me in a way that I’d never felt before. This was just something that made me want to be. I felt that in reading the script I could embody this person like nothing else.’

Moonlight has been nominated for eight Academy Awards. It won Best Picture-Drama at last month’s Golden Globe Awards and last Sunday (19 February) won the prestigious Writers Guild of America Award for screenplay.

While the musical La La Land has been touted as the favorite to take home the Best Picture prize at the Oscars on Sunday, Rhodes is hoping for some more Moonlight glory.

‘I want it to win because I think that would just further the ideology of everybody in life right now – that would show us what we really are. It’s a kind of film that we haven’t seen done before.’

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Happy 30th birthday to Ellen Page!

This wonderful, smart, talented, articulate and passionate young woman is only 30? What an amazing, accomplished life so far. Ellen Page bravely came out publicly three years ago (see video above) and she has become such an important activist since then. In that speech she said: ‘Maybe I can make a difference.’ She has. Her series Gaycation has exposed us to the lives and the cultures of LGBT people around the world. No doubt there is so much ahead for this tremendous person.

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