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Nate Berkus shares baby’s first steps!

Couldn't resist. Baby's first steps. @jeremiahbrent

A video posted by Nate Berkus (@nateberkus) on

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Why Anderson Cooper’s suits might seem ‘puffy’

Anderson Cooper, thankfully, has been known to rock a snug black T-Shirt from time to time which reveals his biceps.

But he’s made clear those biceps are not big enough for his liking – so much so that he has new suits tailored for bigger muscles.

‘I’m convinced I’m going to become like Arnold Schwarzenegger or something – I’m gonna get really big and so my suits will need to be out a little bit and so I end up with a puffy suit,’ Cooper confessed this week while co-hosting Live With Kelly with pal Kelly Ripa.

‘There’s a lot of suit and not a lot of me,’ he confesses.

‘I’m convinced that I’m still growing. I’m convinced that one day the workout – which I’m avoiding – is actually going to take hold and I’m going to get like big muscles. So I’m always like, “You know what? Put some extra room in the suit arm because I think I’m gonna get bigger.”

Then the truth hits when he returns for a new suit: ‘Like three years later I go back and the guy’s like, “Your arms have shrunk.”‘

Puffy suits or not, Ripa had reassuring words for her friend: ‘The you that’s in there is the perfect amount of you.’

Cooper talks about the suit at the 12:50 mark.

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Steve Grand back in a Speedo …

Having a wonderful time hanging out by this waterfall. #blessed

A photo posted by Steve Grand (@stevegrandmusic) on

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Watch this extraordinary video that has 49 celebrities paying tribute to the 49 Orlando victims

The 49 people killed at Pulse nightclub in Orlando earlier this month are remembered in a personal way through this celebrity-filled video released today by the Human Rights Campaign.

It made me feel devastated all over again – so much loss, so many beautiful people.

Among those participating in the moving and lasting 18-minute tribute – directed by Emmy Award-winning Ryan Murphy and Ned Martel – are Lady Gaga, Jane Fonda, Chris Pine, Jamie Lee Curtis, Matt Bomer, Gerard Butler, Laverne Cox, John Stamos, Kathy Bates, Cuba Gooding Jr., Angela Bassett, Chaz Bono, Caitlyn Jenner, Cheyenne Jackson, Tyler Oakley and Sofia Vergara, among many others.

The video was filmed over three days in Los Angeles and each participant, wearing black, told individual stories of the brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, friends and neighbors, boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives who died on 12 June in the deadliest mass shooting in US history.

Among those remembered are the four gay couples who died together in the shootings, a mother of 11, a father of three, a recent high school graduate who was going to college on a full basketball scholarship, a woman who had shed 180 pounds, and a man who had recently coordinated the first-ever gay cruise to Cuba.

Murphy got involved by asking the Human Rights Campaign how he could help drive awareness about the dual epidemics of anti-LGBT hate violence and gun violence that, together, claimed so many lives at Pulse nightclub.

Bassett says at the end of the video that it is a call ‘to demand common sense laws to protect the LGBTQ community and all Americans from hate violence.’

We need you now, and in the days and weeks ahead, to keep their memories alive and honor their legacies by ensuring our nation acts to end anti-LGBTQ hate and gun violence.


Zac Efron wears ‘Be Proud’ T-Shirt in support of Orlando’s Pulse Victims Fund

I've got mine. Get yours at to help support Orlando's Pulse Victims Fund. #BEproud #LoveisLove

A photo posted by Zac Efron (@zacefron) on


Jenner returns to the cover of ‘Sports Illustrated’ 40 years later – this time as Caitlyn

It was back in 1976 that an Olympic gold medalist named Bruce Jenner appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine.

He was wearing a gold medal won at the Summer Olympics that year in the decathlon.

Forty years later, Jenner and the medal re-appear on the SI cover.

So much has happened from a Wheaties box to acting in TV and films to becoming a reality show star in Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

But most importantly, Bruce transitioned to Caitlyn with the world watching.

She has infuriated many with her conservative politics but has remained steadfast in her determination to bring trans issues to the forefront.

In the SI piece, she reflects on becoming the world’s best decathlete all those years ago: ‘The decathlon for me was the ultimate in what people think of as manhood. So for me it was a good place to hide. I had a need to prove myself, that maybe that woman that’s living inside of me really isn’t living there.’

But now that she is so publicly Caitlyn, Jenner is better able to emvrace her past.

“I was throwing out my past like it never happened,” she says. “And I’m very proud of those times. This was a big part of my past. It’s part of my life, it made me who I am.”

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Late Night Video: Jonathan Groff talks to Kathie Lee and Hoda about his ‘interesting resume’

Between Looking on television, Hamilton on the Broadway stage and Frozen on the big screen, Jonathan Groff does indeed have what Hoda Kotb describes as ‘an interesting resume.’ He appeared on the fun fourth hour of The Today Show to talk about Looking: The Movie and what drives his professional choices: ‘I love doing theater, I love doing film, I love doing TV. It’s kind of whatever makes my heart beat fast.’ Kathie Lee proclaims him ‘adorable.’ True that!


Why hunky new Tarzan Alexander Skarsgard transformed himself into Farrah Fawcett for a night

Hunky Alexander Skarsgard created quite a memorable look when attending the premiere of Diary of a Teenage Girl last year in San Francisco.

He went in full-on drag as the late Charlie’s Angels icon Farrah Fawcett.

Wondering how that come about?

‘Everyone was planning their outfits (for the after-party) and talking about these crazy drag outfits they were gonna come in with. I was sitting there with my grey suit and I just felt like, “Fucking hell, this is so boring; can I play as well?” I said, “I wanna look like Farrah Fawcett,”‘ he tells PrideSource.

‘I showed them that iconic image from the early ’80s in that golden dress with the blonde hair, so that’s what we went for. I can’t quite say that we nailed it. I mean, they did an incredible job, but I think it’s tough with a dude who’s 6-foot-4 and 210 pounds. (Laughs) And with those heels, I was like 7 feet tall.’

Now starring in The Legend of Tarzan wearing nothing but a loincloth, the True Blood alum says the night as Farrah gave him a new level of respect for real-life drag performers.

‘As physically demanding as shooting Legend of Tarzan was, it was nothing compared to that night in drag. Oh my god; walking around in those heels, in that super itchy, hot wig and the fake nails, I felt like Edward Scissorhands. I couldn’t even grab a drink.

‘Once we got to the after party at the gay club, I just kicked my heels off and walked around barefoot because I was just dying. So, I have tremendous respect for all the drag queens out there. I got a little taste of what it takes to look that fabulous.’

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‘American Horror Story’ star Cheyenne Jackson wants gays to stop ‘tearing each other down’

Cheyenne Jackson has been filled with thoughts in the two weeks since 49 people were killed in a massacre inside of a gay nightclub in Orlando.

Thoughts about how members of the LGBT community should be treating each other moving forward.

‘We need to start by not tearing each other down, even within our own community,’ the out singer and actor tells

‘Even in our community, somebody comes out of the closet and someone starts ripping how they came out. “It’s not good enough or strong enough…” It’s the negativity. We have to stop tearing each other down.

‘Like everyone else, I wasn’t able to leave the house for four days [after Orlando]. You feel so impotent and powerless. What’s important is loving each other, banding together, lifting each other up, and of course tackling all the major issues we’re in the middle of tackling.’

Jackson is currently in the middle of filming a new season of America Horror Story and has just released a new album called Renaissance.

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Colton Haynes keeps those Instagram pics coming!

When bae be like…Oh wait, I ain't got a bae

A photo posted by Colton Haynes (@coltonlhaynes) on

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Afternoon Video: Miami poet Richard Blanco’s tribute to Orlando: ‘One Pulse — One Poem’

This is One Pulse — One Poem, a poem that Richard Blanco. The openly gay poet is a Miami man who was part of President Barack Obama’s second inauguration. He writes: ‘A poem I wrote for the Pulse tragedy. May these words add to the many voices honoring the lives of those lost and also helping us heal. My thanks to the videographers who shot this video of my reading at the Oklahoma Arts Institute where I am teaching at the moment.


Danny thinks he’s on a date with his dream guy in this new episode of ‘Go Go Boy Interrupted’

Who wouldn’t want to believe they were out on a hot date with gorgeous Nick Adams? Our poor Danny arrives a $4 bouquet of flowers from Trader Joe’s and everything but it doesn’t turn out at all the way he had hoped.


Jonathan Groff on making out with Murray Bartlett in Looking: The Movie: ‘He’s a great kisser!’

Jonathan Groff wasn’t complaining when he got the script for Looking: The Movie.

While his character of Patrick has long been torn between Richie (Raul Castillo) and Kevin (Russell Tovey), Broadway World reports that the movie has he and longtime platonic pal Dom (Murray Bartlett) getting romantic.

‘When they were writing the movie, I said, “I want to make to make out with Murray, Russell and Raul.” The rest of the movie was filled in from there,’ Groff joked over the weekend when the film had its world premiere at Frameline Film Festival in San Francisco.

‘It was fun [making out with Murray]. He’s a great kisser!’

Bartlett says of making out with Groff: ‘This chapter really showcased the rich friendship between Dom and Patrick, and how it started. It was an incredibly intimate scene between friends that can exist in the gay community. It was a beautiful celebration of that.’

Director Andrew Haigh chimed in by joking: ‘Plus, they were very excited to make out with each other.

Looking: The Movie wraps up the series about gay men in San Francisco and will premiere on July 23.

The series was canceled last year after two seasons but a finale was promised to disappointed fans.

The 90-minute finale will conclude the storylines for the three close friends played by Groff, Frankie Alvarez and Bartlett who were the core of the series.

The film will air more than a year since Looking went off the air and the plot of the finale mirrors that time period.

It has Patrick returning to San Francisco for the first time in almost a year to celebrate a momentous event with his old friends.

While he’s in town, he must face the unresolved relationships he left behind. He also must make some difficult choices about what’s important to him.

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Matthew Wilkas campaigns for boyfriend Gus Kenworthy to become 1st openly gay athlete to win ESPY

Matthew Wilkas is such a supportive boyfriend! He’s taken to social media to campaign for Gus Kenworthy to win an ESPY Award. He writes: ‘Won’t you please vote for my bae?? He got nominated for an ESPY which is awesome cuz this year he won the Dew Tour, Grand Prix, and the European Open and he won 4 X Games medals in all the different skiing disciplines. He also defended his title as world champion. And apart from the fact that he DESERVES IT, if he wins this he’d be the first openly gay athlete to win an ESPY and that would be MAJORRRRRRRRR. ‪#‎voteformybae‬


Colton Haynes’ clothing line becomes official

What a day :) Today…My clothing line became official!!! The company has finally been formed. I can't tell u the name yet but I can't wait to give y'all the info! These aren't my designs but if Papz are gonna take pics of you, u may as well use the photos to promote shit lol! #NoShame #Thanks :) So much work to do!

A photo posted by Colton Haynes (@coltonlhaynes) on

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Shane Bitney Crone wishes boyfriend Rayvon Owen happy birthday: ‘I can’t imagine life without you’

Happy Birthday to this guy! So grateful you were born @RayvonOwen–I can't imagine life without you.

A photo posted by Shane Bitney Crone (@shanebitneycrone) on

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Dory vs. Donald: DeGeneres calls Trump ‘a bully’

Ellen DeGeneres isn’t banning Donald Trump from her daytime talk show even if she considers him to be a ‘bully.’

‘Sure, I’d have him on the show,’ she tells ABC News while promoting her blockbuster animated film Finding Dory.

‘I don’t think he’d do the show but I would have him on.’

Asked what Trump represents to her DeGeneres was calm but did not mince words: ‘He’s a bully. He represents a bully.

‘He can deny that but I think anybody that looks up the definition of a bully (will see that). He says, “Oh, I just attack back. If someone attacks me I’m gonna attack back.”‘

DeGeneres has recently welcomed Hillary Clinton onto the show and President Barack Obama several times but she insists her opinion of Trump is not based on partisan politics.

‘I’m not saying anything about Republicans – I’m not anti-Republican, I’m not anti anything. I’m pro human being. I just don’t like bullies.’

Back in 2008 DeGeneres welcomed then-Republican presidential nominee John McCain as a guest on her show and gently confronted him on gay marriage.

But 2012 Republican hopeful Mitt Romney never appeared and DeGeneres had said publicly she thought it would be ‘very scary’ if Romney were to win.

Both men lost to Obama.

Trump is now the presumptive Republican nominee expected to face off against Clinton in November.

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See Greg Louganis do a syncro dive!

Four-time gold medalist Greg Louganis wasn’t at the Olympic Trials in Indianapolis over the weekend to compete but he ended up doing some diving anyway.

He joined 2000 Olympic gold medalist Laura Wilkinson for something he had never done in competition: a synchro dive.

‘Oh God, I think I’m in trouble,’ he said, laughing, after agreeing to do the dive with Wilkinson who had just interviewed him for NBC Sports.

But never one to back away from a challenge, Louganis put on a pair of yellow Speedos and Wilkinson a red bathing suit and they headed to the platform where they performed a dive in tandem.

Commentators pronounced the dive ‘impeccable.’

Now 56, Louganis has been involved again in USA Diving in recent years as a mentor to young divers.

He’s got an unmatched record of four gold medals and one silver medal over three different Olympics and is widely considered to be the greatest male diver of all time.

Still in terrific shape, Louganis has posed nude for the current ESPN Magazine ‘Body Issue’ and boxes of Wheaties cereal featuring a younger Louganis are also in stores.

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Celeb Instagram: A ‘Looking’ reunion!

#Repost @whatsupdanny with @repostapp ・・・ This fine fine humans. @lookinghbo @castrotheatre @framelinefest @hbo

A photo posted by Jim Halterman (@jimhalterman) on

As @russelltovey would say, LEGENDS… #russelltovey #jonathangroff #teamkevin #teamrichie #lookinghbo #frameline40 #escapularios (@tanyasaracho check out the escapulario action)

A photo posted by Raúl Castillo (@officialraulcastillo) on

Great that @russelltovey was there at the premiere to talk flying in for one quick day to shoot all his scenes. @lookinghbo

A photo posted by Jim Halterman (@jimhalterman) on

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Catching up with ‘Go Go Boy Interrupted’

Here are the most recent two episodes of Go Go Boy Interrupted. A new one should be out tomorrow. I’m posting because I have featured the previous ones even if post-Orlando these characters are even more annoying to me. But Drew Droege has a funny moment and I can never get tired of looking at Nick Adams.

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